913 Fitting Questions for Club Concierge

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Elmer N

I would like to get fit for the following clubs:  913 D2 9.5, 913 Fd 13.5, 913 F 17, 913 H 21, 913 H 24 (the same clubs I have in the 910).  I was fit for my current clubs at Sea Island and have Kai'li R and Bassara R shafts for each club.  Here are my questions:

1.  I live in Alexandria, VA.  Is there a fitter near me that will have the Diamana S+ blue, Bassara, and Fubuki Tour shafts and a launch monitor?  I would like to try all three shafts.

2.  Can I get fit now for all the clubs, or only for the 913 D2?  If not now, when will fitters have the equipment to fit the other clubs?

3.  I understand the Bassara shaft I currently have will fit the 913 D2, and presume the fitter will tell me what weight to order for the Bassara shaft to keep the swing weight the same as for whatever other shaft I order with the club.  Will it be possible to put a new adapter on my other Bassara shafts so they can also be used with the new 913 clubs?  If so, I presume the same is true regarding weights to maintain swing weight.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Don O

From the recommendations of others on this list, I sent my son to the 1757 Golf Club with Roger.  Has done an outstanding job with him.  The D2 fitted earlier is still coming in and Roger will include the fairway metals for a fitting when they become available.  Too bad it didn't come last Friday.  I was in the DC area over the weekend and he had to play with his old driver and planted many balls in the deep rough off to the right (his traditional slice).  The D2, base on the fitting, has a much tighter pattern with a small draw.

Not that I minded, I can still beat him, for now.  Next time...???

Elmer N

Cathi - Thank you very much for the quick reply and helpful info!

Don - Thank you for the recommendation!

I will let you know in this thread how it works out.



Don O

Have to pass on the great service of Team Titleist.  I was passing on an experience with 1757 Golf Club not even by me but by my grown son.  Cathi noted that the driver hadn't yet arrived, found the order not in my name and checked on the status. Never even asked to check.  Above and beyond.

Heck, I beat him by 2 strokes.  If he had the 913 and lost 4 fewer balls due to slices with the old driver, he would have whooped me.  It was unfortunate for him that Titleist couldn't ship all the pre-sales, but it worked for me!  ;-)