Military Discount or Gratitude

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Manuel M

Hey Team Titleist, 

Im not sure if US military members receive any kind of discount on Titleist items (clubs, gloves, balls, bags, towels, accessories, etc) but I truly believe that they should be given some kind of compensation. With all our freedom we have here in the US, lets give back to the brave. I know this would warm alot of hearts and bring happiness to those who love Titleist, but can't always afford the products. Thank You.

Respectfully, Manny M.

Claudia R

I haven't seen any military-specific discounts/deals but the best thing to do for Military members to do is buy Titleist at their base's Golf Course Pro Shop since there will  most likely be military pricing and no tax.

Allen P


     Being a retired military and a former golf club manager at military golf clubs Titleist and others as well usually give a discount price on the buying cost for items sold in MWR facilities. As a result of the lower cost to the pro-shop the retail price is lower plus the fact there is no tax. Federal government does not have a sales tax.  I have not run across any place that offers discounts to military in the private sector (golf stores, private or public golf courses).

Manuel M

Awesome. Thank you all for your input. I truly appreciate the help of you all. Ill have to get in touch with the pro shop at a base near me. Thanks again.

Respectfully, Manny M.