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Tony C

Hey TT,

I was wondering what everyone's opinion would be if Titleist would create a Travel section. This way members could find excellent courses to play at if they were to go on vacation somewhere.

Please reply to this thread so Titleist will add a Travel Section!

Tony C

Josh G

Sounds awesome.  I'm always traveling, and the clubs come with me more times than not (just encase).  I'm all for sharing my travel spots and picking up some new ones too.  Let's see it TT!

Christian J

I like that idea.  I mainly stick to the same courses, but would love a section like this.  It would promote some of the smaller courses around here.  Great idea!  


I like the idea.  Maybe TT could designate members as local or regional "experts" for course reviews.  

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

 I like the idea of a travel section, too.  Even though we are "in the business", we do travel and play golf and it would be interesting to see the recommendations. We all know the big courses with the famous names, but sometimes there are gems not on the radar.   When I went to Scotland this summer, a TT member had posted about a great B & B that I contacted to try and stay at - they were busy, but when we return, I will probably try them again.

Terry T

Tony, that would be a great idea. As a pilot for NetJets I do get around to alot of different parts of the country. May goal is to play a golf course in every state. Alaska I think will be the tough one as I have been there only once and that was for 30 mins.. Our passenger was waiting on us when we showed up.


I like the idea of a Travel section as well.  Great place for members to share experiences and "best practices" for getting prime tee times.  

Brent B

i would def find a travel section helpful. we are currently planning our 2nd winter golf trip and its very overwelming  when planning for a large group.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Sounds like a travel section for the discussions might be in order. Great suggestion, team!

Keep an eye out. We'll have this up soon.

- Mike

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager


The travel section is now live. Check it out here TRAVEL and start posting!

Thanks again for the great idea, team!



Mark B

Wow that would be great.

I just got back from the driving range where I worked on my short game some. The weather was interesting, cold rain and a 20-30mph crosswind at ground level and I am guessing maybe 40mph+ higher up. How do you practice in this weather? I can get time off for a golf weekend or longer trip but I do want to waste my time on locations that are packed with golfers or are not challenging courses. I have been less than happy taking resort ads at face value, reviews from real golfers would be excellent.

I would post an image of me practicing today but it looks out of focus, it is not, it is me shivering, LOL!