Dear Titleist

My name is Griffin Nyi and I am an upcoming golfer. My question was if you could give me a sponsorship as his would be helpful. I am considering going international for tournaments. Even though I am an amateur I have heard you can possibly offer me clubs/clothes without payment from you. I hope to be part of Team Titlest!!


Best way to get a reply, would be to send it to Titleist directly and not through this.  Try getting a hold of the sponsorship department and send them your rankings, handicap, scores, etc.  Good luck with your sponsorship!

Hi Griffin,  Welcome to the team!  If you are a junior (not in college), we ask that you put together your playing resume - that is the tounaments you have played in, location, dates, field size and finish, any national rankings and your future playing schedule. 

Mail that resume to: 

Acushnet Company

Attn: Tour Department

333 Bridge St.

Fairhaven, MA 02719