New Knit Headcover availability

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dustin t

The new accessory catalog for 2013 shows the new headcovers with poms. I inquired at my local dealer about getting them for Xmas. He got back to me and said they wouldn't be available til February timeframe. Then I saw on the site here where someone was asking about backorders for some and others would be ready to ship soon. My question, Are the Driver and FW headcovers available now to order and are backordered to Feb. due to demand or are they scheduled to be available in Feb. If they are available I'd like to get my dealer to get my order in so that I'll have them when the season gets going. Thanks

Christian J

I was at Austad's (basically the same as all the other big golf stores) and they had the pom head covers there.  Maybe check a bigger store like that, you just never know!

Mark M

When I looked in the accessories book for Canada I noticed that they aren't listed. I sure hope that they make their way north. Would definitely pick some up, they look great.