913 weight kits

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jeff l

Has anyone got them yet ?

jeff l

they should have been ready for sale when buying the driver

jeff l

and i don't mean to sound rude in anyway at all i love titleist that's just my thought on that

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Understand ;)  We are anxiously awaiting the cases, too!

Although the weight kits are backordered, the individual weights are available and will ship immediately. 

Also, when you place your order for your 913, you can specify the weight and/or the swingweight (within our tolerance).  There is no upcharge to do that. 


Can we order the kits without the case? As I mess around with different shaft weights and lengths I want to be able to adjust the weights. Obviously its more expensive to order each weight individually.  If we can how do we can order the full set without paying for each individually how can we go about ordereing these?