Who's ready for the 2013 golf season?!?!

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Dan C

Team Titleist,

Who is ready for the 2013 golf season?!  Reply with what you are most excited about for this season!

For me personally I'm ready for school golf to start!  Go Warriors!!!


Best wishes for your 2013 season,

Dan C.

John L

I'm going to soak up what golf i have left her in japan in march when it warms up alittle. then I'll be moving to Europe so i hope to play golf in a lot more countries maybe catch a european tour event or two.

Cheers, Greens and fairways to all


Don O

I'm wearing out the carpets working on a reverse grip on my putter.  I finally fixed a reverse tilt (taught myself that 20 years ago and took 3 years to relearn).  Since WSGA had shutdown for the year, I'm already to beat my handicap until it catches up with me.  The hard part is waiting until April 1 for the official start.  I'll have to figure out if I can practice bunker shots in 16 inches of snow until then.


I am ready for 2013. I am looking to play in as many Golden State Tour Am and Pepsi Tour Am events as possible. This is the year I Start playing more tournaments instead of playing with the Guys.


Scott C.

I may have already peaked in 2013.....shot a "career" round yesterday.  1-under through 14 holes, proceeding to put on in the water and a Team Titlest logo ball on someone's porch.  But still finished with a 76.

At that rate, it will be a great year of golf!

Christian J

I can't wait!  However here in Iowa, there's almost 6 inches of snow on the ground with more expected to come.  Hopefully it warms up though and by March I can finally get outside.  Right now I've been doing all my practicing inside, which I dont mind, but would prefer to be outside.  I'm also ready for school golf to start as well/  We start mid-March so it'll be coming up pretty soon for us.  Good Luck to everyone else, and take advantage of the weather if you can!

Dan C

Good luck on all your tour events, get a few wins for TT!


Dan C.


I m  doing the same thing ,I joined the golf channel Amtour because I play as a single ALOT, and I feel like im  wasting to many rounds being paired up with tourists(I live in Vegas) no offense! So i'm looking forward to playing so competitive rounds, to really see where my 10 handicap really stacks up...


Just starting to get into the 2013 momentum. Thoroughly enjoyed Holiday and only recently started swinging clubs. Will be more "focused" as we get closer to opening day (unless weather allows pre-season play).

-ICONs for ALL

Casey N

mad golfer

I m  doing the same thing ,I joined the golf channel Amtour because I play as a single ALOT, and I feel like im  wasting to many rounds being paired up with tourists(I live in Vegas) no offense! So i'm looking forward to playing so competitive rounds, to really see where my 10 handicap really stacks up...

I am thinking about joining the Golf Channel AM Tour also.  And down in florida I run into the same problem when playing single.


I dont know if I am gonna do the GC Am tour. I just dont know about that tour yet. I have friends that do it and like it though. I am gonna do the Golden State Tour Am events and maybe a Pepsi tour or two.

Michael A

I too are going to play in the GC Am tour.  I look at it as a starting point, and see where it goes.  My handicap is holding at 5.7 till the snow melts.  Then I can start using these 712 MB's I got about a month ago and fine tune my game.

Richard S

Ours started yesterday at Cog Hill 50th Annual Eskimo Open!............




Josh G

I'm super excited for my club to open up. I'm also excited for the Masters. It's the best major IMO and also the unofficial start to the golf season.

James R

I'm looking forward to being on my schools golf team. I am a freshman so it's my first time playing competitive golf for my school.

Todd T

In San Diego the season never ends :-)


Our season never really stops for long.  I'm ready for the Masters and for tournament golf to start.


I'm ready for the Spring and The Masters. I had a knee replacement last year so I have been resting and healing all winter.

Bill L

In Texas the season never ends.

Christian J

It's 52* here in Iowa, so after school I'm heading that way.  There's small patches of snow, but that's not stopping us!  Can't wait to try out the  new Vokey's and the 910f's!

Leon R

I had knee replacment in October and have been out for the last 12 weeks and have just started playing again.  Been watching reruns on tv so I'm ready. The weather here has been great , in the high 70's and the grass is green .


matt P

I can't wait!! I live in kansas and I'm about to go get some new titleist irons!!!


Today will be the start of my 2013 season. It's about 28 degrees outside right now.  It shall be fun and cold but its golf and that's all that matters.  Here is to another great season. 


Wow Leon I see you live in SC too. I live in Spartanburg. What knee did you have done? I had my left knee done last August and was playing after 5 weeks. It was tough playing golf with a bad left knee. By the way you are so lucky living in Horry County and playing all those great MB courses. I just love playing there.

larry m


Allen J

Can't wait ! But tonight the windchill factor is supposed to reach almost 50 below 0. So its going to be another 3 to 4 months up hear in Northern Mn.

anthony p

I am most excited to watch my game keep improving.  Last year was my first year seriously golfing and I was finally able to crack 100.  Just in ester in some cally razr hybrids and replaced my 3 and 4 irons... If those can consistently take. 3-4 strokes off my game the. Getting I to 80s is a realistic possibility for me this year!

 That, and just relaxing and enjoying being on the course

Alexander R

Already started the year here in NC, out twice so far .... still get a few chilly days and forced to stay inside ... doesn't mean can't practice putting. Excited to keep improving. Regripped my Vokey wedges during the cold days. They feel great. Just need the NEW PRO V1 to complete my preparation.  


No doubt ready to get out and play again, spring can't get here quick enough. It's bitter cold here in the northeast and takes forever to go away.