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Christian J

I saw this morning that a member posted a picture with his new Team Titleist bag tag.  I'm just curious if we all will be getting them, or if it was just a special bonus for him.  I think all of us on here have made it clear that we would love one, but I'm not one to beg.  Anyway, I hope that we all get them, as it would look great on our bags.  Just have to hope and see what happens!

Carlo Angelo

Just got mine today! I was surprised indeed.

More Power to Titleist and TT!!!

Happy golfing this 2013!

The Golf Father

I didnt get one ! I have friends that got one though..


My new bag of Titleist Irons and Wedges (Driver and Woods to come in March) would be complete with a Bag Tag!

I'd be more than happy to purchase one.


Casey N

I saw them on twitter also.  Is  there something you need to fill out to win one? 

Casey N

Do you know how you get one?

Charles G

I have not recieved a bag tag as of today. Is this limited and how do you get on the list to get one? I hope I have one coming to match the Team Titleist decay on my car. I had to get it from a friend that recieved two decays.

shaunaun m

Would be sweet to have a tag on my bag.  How do I get one?

Nick N

Saw the pics. They look pretty nice!

Daniel C

Mine was waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work!  Thanks again make it easy to stay a loyal fan/customer..

Sean FN

I received one today and just wanted to thank Team Titleist for sending me one. That was very kind and very unexpected.

Thanks again TT!


Josh G

Must be the luck of the draw.  I got one today.   I'm guessing like most things on here you can't buy it.  You just have to participate on TT and hope for the best. Thanks Titleist!


Got mine in the mail today.

Thanks Titleist. Looks great.

Ben F

I also got one today, complete suprise


I agree.  I would LOVE to receive one of these in the mail.  

Christian J

I got mine yesterday as well, it looks great on my new bag.  Thanks again Titleist!

Carl T

Got mine yesterday. Thank you !


I recieved mine yesterday morning, i thought it was a glove by the shape of the package, turned out it was a bag tag. Thanks TT






Just received my Team Titleist bag tag yesterday...AWESOME!!!  Thank you very much TT, I will display it proudly on my golf bag.  Titleist is #1 when it comes to taking care of its loyalist.

Thank again!!!

Dave B

I recieved a Team Titleist bag tag in the mail also. Looks great.  Thanks Titleist

Matthew S

I got mine today as well. A very nice surprise in the mail. Thanks Titleist.


I got my Team Titleist bag tag today... NICE. I agree, all Team Titleist members should get them.


Very creative 808 - love the photo!

bernie w

Received my bag tag a few days ago.thanks titleist I'm proud to be a member of T T. 

David A

Got mine on Thursday. Thanks tt

Ari M

How or where do we sign up to get them? Thanks

george t

Just received mine as well and I'll proudly display it on my bag.  Thank you!!

Jim L

Received mine in the mail today. Thanks Titleist!! Great addition to the bag!

Tracy V

I hope I get one of these bad boys too....please TT folks send my way!!!

Chris Hatem

I'd really like one too TT!

Andrew O

Very nice bag tags!  I'm a little jealous...

Ryan F

My friend just received his the other day...looks great. Nice gesture TT. 

Michael A

I got mine the other day.  Had no idea I was getting it.  Felt like a late Christmas gift.  Thanks again Titleist.

Jim L

Brian C

I saw that posted on WRX. I hope I get sent one. It would look great on my new midsize staff bag.

robert s

Jim L

Received mine in the mail today. Thanks Titleist!! Great addition to the bag!

  Just got mine ,thanks Titleist