New Year, New Scotty Cameron Club Kit

Started by : Josh G |

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Josh G

What a great kit! Scotty dogs all around


This kit is one of the best yet!  It is SICK!  Can't wait to get that buckle.  Cover is sweet (hate years on them but  small complaint for a sweet looking cover).  

josh w

i like this one the best of all the ones i have seen



Wow thats awesome. I have never Joined becuase I dont collect the covers but I think I will have to join because I want that cover and BELT BUCKLE!!!!

Joshua L

Probably going to join just for belt buckle, that thing is awesome!


i've been debating joining, that buckle is going to push me over the top!

Marc S

The Scotty Dog is one of the most recognizable logo's in all sports. I've had none golfers recognize the logo. 13 may be unlucky for some, but 2013 Scotty Cameron Club members have hit the jackpot with this year's kit!!!!

Kevin O

That's a pretty cool kit!

Cody D

Beauty Kit!....been on the fence as well about joining

Charles G

Ordered my kit yesterday. I have been a member for 5 years and love the buckles. this will be my second buckle and I enjoy wearing them.

Josh G

2009 was my first year. I liked 2010's buckle, but this one is way better IMO. I can't wait to game it all.

Ryan A

Love the stealthy cover...

Andrew O

Love the kit this year.  I'm not due to renew for several months but I may renew early just to get the kit sooner.  Really like the buckle.  

Tyler H

The buckle in this years kit has me thinking of renewing my membership several months early. This by far is one of the better welcome kits.

Andrew A

Can't wait to game that buckle.  Damn, that's style!!!


I'm ready to renew and get the new kit. All look to be great items.


Andrew A

Just got mine a couple days ago.  Love the look of the belt buckle but little disappointed that it's designed for 1 1/14 inch belt.  The industry standard for golf belts, by my collection at least, is set at 1 1/2.  Even the vokey belts are 1 1/12", you would think they would want to be compatible at a minimum. Like the buckle, would have LOVED IT for a 1 1/12 belt width