TT Bag Tag!

Gosh, not to sound redundant (too late I know) with the myriad Team Titleist aficionados, but YES INDEED I'd love to get a TT Bag Tag as well.  Not sure how ya'll got yours but here's to hopefully rubbing the garment of your last post in hopes that I might be a proud recipient of a one TT Bag Tag as well!


I Just got one of these cool TT Bag Tags on my bag now.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to hook me up with this tag.  I already have it on my bag and will show it at the next round of golf to some hardcore titleist buddies.

Where would be the best place I would get fit and buy new titleist clubs. I'm trying to get fit and I feel like a need a new set to improve my game. Where do you think the best place would be to get fit and buy some new clubs.Thanks