TT Bag Tag!

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Sean S

I too was one of the lukcy ones to come home and have a TT Bag Tag waiting for me! I can't wait to take it on my travels and show my Team Titleist pride!

Mike, you and your staff are great and I think I speak for everyone here when I say we truely appreciate the open dialogue we have with you and information you provide to us. Not too mention the great TT gear we can either win or be surprised by!

Here's to a great 2013!!

Fairways and Greens!


Manuel M

 Here is mine, I just received it today. Thank you to the entire Team Titleist staff for your outstanding customer service and amazing communication with TT members. Team Titleist for Life!

Mark S

How cool! I got a nice little package in the mail yesterday from Titleist...a SWEET Team Titleist bag tag! I can't wait for spring to show that baby off at the course. Thank you for this awesome gift.

Jim A

I got my TT Bag tag in the mail.   It looks great and is already on the bag waiting for spring to arive and show it off.  Love it, and thank you Titleist for continuing to think of your fans!

josh d

How do you get one?

Jerry R

Got mine!  Titleist is the best!!!

Jeremy H

Those bag tags are sweet!


sean o

Those really are great looking. That would go perfect with my new Titleist bag and clubs.

Fingers crossed to be one of the proud recipients... thanks Titleist.. love your clubs and golf goodies.

darren b

I would really love one of these too!

Mitch B

How did you get one? 

Jacob L

I got mine in the mail yesterday. I will always put anything with a titleist logo on my bag. Thanks tt!

Christian P

Def need one of those!

Mark S

Mitch B

How did you get one? 

I just received one. Maybe it was a random give away? All I know is that it made my day! I hope you get one too. I wonder why they would not have the Titleist logo on the tag since branding is so huge and that Titleist logo is amazing.

George H

If at all possible I'd like to be the proud owner of one of these Team Titleist bag tags. They look great!

tyler b

Thanks alot for the bag tag! another member proud to put the titleist logo on the bag!


Those bag tags are awesome I couldn't think of a better way to show brand loyalty hope I get one soon!

William H

I am currently a Freshman at The University of Houston-Victoria and a proud member of the Jaguars Golf Team. I would be truly honored to add a Team Titleist Bag Tag to my Golf Bag and show off my Titleist Spirit to my competitors!! They look  great and also happen to be my school colors!! 

Brent R

Very cool stuff. Titleist seems to be a top brand rewarding loyalty. Any ideas on where to enter for that?

Rick O

Oh yeah...what a true surprise it was to sit at the kitchen counter and see this bag tag sitting there.

An AWESOME gesture by Titleist!

fred k

i have to say, after a long, bad day at work, it was nice to come home to a package from the acushnet company.  i knew right away what it was.  however, with a somewhat confused look on her face, the wife didn't necessarily share in my delight :)  this will be a nice addition to my bag.  now if i can only convince her that i need a 913d3...


- fred

Mike P

Mike P.

  Thank You, for sending the TT Tag, very Proud to have received this, will carry it with Pride, on My bag.  Mike, You and Your Team are always on top of Equipment and Events, on going. You Guys have a Wonderful New Year.


Had mine waiting for me when I got home today, very nice bag tag 

Thanks Team Titleist



Just received my TT bag tag in the mail today. Gonna look great with the brand new AP2s I just orderded!

Thanks Team Titleist, you guys are top-notch!

Nick D.

james f

I would love to put one on my bag with my new AP2's. It would make for a great picture in Hawaai on the Klipper Ocean hole.

Alexander R

Hey Just got mine in the mail today. Thanks for a really cool bag tag. Can't wait to get my mini staff bag next month. I also wanted to thank TEAM TITLEIST for selecting me to participate in their golf ball research team. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Here's to a GREAT 2013 year in NC.

Keep it in the short grass.....

Alex R

Greg S

I too received a TT Bag Tag and all I can say is awesome.

Todd T

Still waiting, but not mad at all if I don't get one! Congrats to those that scored!

Chuck Z

I am definitely jealous....hope I get one in the mail this week....I also participated in the ball testing....I have the TT decals on my automobiles and definitely want the bag tag on my Titleist golf cool would that look???????


Got mine today also....sweet....Thanks TT

Adam D

Really hoping I get one of these! I think it is the one thing my bag set up is missing! (14 Titleist clubs, Bag, Glove, Towels, Shoes and Balls are all Titleist/FJ)

Mark V

Looks just like mine- on the bag today.   Thanks to the gang at Team Titleist.

Matt S

Thanks Team Titleist I recevied mine today and it looks great on my bag!!


I'm still waiting for mine......

jason s

Just wanted to say thank you titleist. Yesterday when I got home I had a nice bag tag from the greatest golf company in the world. Thank You 

bill r

I got mine yesterday.Thanks Team Titleist!

Wesley S

I got one !! going on the bag today

Austin C

in didnt get mine yet either


Adam D

Really hoping I get one of these! I think it is the one thing my bag set up is missing! (14 Titleist clubs, Bag, Glove, Towels, Shoes and Balls are all Titleist/FJ)





Ken Anderson

I would love one as well!  Congrats to those that have gotten them, and here's to us that bleed black/red/white hoping to get one!


i got mine today....thanx  team.  Saving mine for new bag this spring!

Tobias W

Thanks Team Titleist!  I was quite excited when I received my bag tag in the mail.  Big Surprise.

Todd T

Well Well, guess what showed up today!!    Thanks to TT!

Jake W

What do you have to do to get one!?!? I hate how they pick and chose. 

demetrio a

Just got mine.....going to take it to the northern trust and get a pick with a player!

Justin J

New Team Titleist Bag Tag is Awesome. It Looks Sharp and others think it is awesome.


Greg E

Sweet bag tag!  Thanks Team Titleist!

Robert J

Got mine, thanks Team Titleist

Buckets Porter

Thank you Team Titleist for the bag tag and for the TT alignment rods!! Both are awesome!! Lots of people asked where i got them, I say join Team Titleist and you too can enjoy these awesome perks! Team Titleist, best there is!!

Robb H

I need to get my hands on one of these!!


Thanks Team Titlelist for my Bag Tag. I guess now I must completely comit to Team Titlelist.

Anyone want a set of TM 2,0 Irons?

Thanks To Everyone at Titleist.

Andrew K

Maybe if you posted before the new year? I don't know, but I got one too

Tim H

i got mine last week.  Proudly displayed it yesterday durning my first rount of 2013. 



On a cold, rainy, non-golfing day, a ray of sunshine arrived by mail.  My Team Titlest bag tag made my day and is very much appreciated.  Can't wait to show off this spring and maybe a picture from Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma.

p.s.  I tested the black ball but didn't get instructions to fill out survey.  Any help?

Randy K

I too received a bag tag, thanks Titleist. It was a nice surprise. Can't wait till spring comes to Wisconsin. When does the new Pro V's come out and how are they different from the previous generation?


I received mine the other day. Thanks Titleist!!


Michael K

I'm still waiting for mine......

Finally received mine! Thanks Team Titleist!!

Andrew W

I received my tag a little while ago. It's a great addition to my Titleist Cart bag. Thanks Team Titleist for a great product and chat forum!!!

Jeremy M

I'm jealous,  would love to rock one of these on my bag...

Matt D

I have been proudly displaying my TT bag tag since it came in the mail. It gets a lot of attention from other golfers on the range and course.

Thanks Team Titleist for the chance to look like a pro, at least until they see my swing!!! 

Ty Webb

I received a tag as well. Thank you T.T.

Ryan P

Shoot, those are slick.  I'm sure those that will be mailed out already have, but I'd be more than happy to represent South Bend, IN  and Southwest Michigan with a tag.  Send one over to these parts!

james o

I've looked at each page...and I still can't find out where a humble golfer might come by such an excellent bag imbellishment?  Can any of the experienced participants give some info?


Those are sweet!! Thanks for the picture Manny, sign me up, I gotta have one  

Ken O

The Team Titleist bag tag is all hooked up and ready for the start of the 2013 season at Tower Ridge CC in Simsbury, CT. Thank you Titleist!!!

Luke T

Thanks for the bagtag Titleist! Totally unexpected - been years since pulling the mail and seeing something other than bills and direct marketing garbage. Made my day. Nice touch.





Shaun H

Love Titleist and everything it stands for! Would love to get my hands on one of these beauties to represent at my club! Keep up the great work Titleist and thanks for putting out such great products! Didn't realize they got into the alignment sticks area?! Where can a guy get these from?! Need a set anyhow and would love to grab some!

Jamie I

These tags are awesome! How do I get one? 

Jeremy M

That's awesome! I just got fitted and ordered my AP2's! Can't wait till they come in! It would be awesome to get one of those god looking Team Titleist bag tags to go with them!!


Would really appreciate it if TT sent me a bag tag. Been representing the Titleist brand  for years now and wouldn't change anything for it!

andy r

I would love to get one of those tags if that is possible, I would love to be suprised by TT myself.

Steve H

Have the bag tag (thank you very much) and I have read alot about supporting the BRAND...This is how we roll in Utah...

If you support the BRAND like this....would love to see the pics.... Thanks TEAM TITLEIST!!!

David K

Steve H

Have the bag tag (thank you very much) and I have read alot about supporting the BRAND...This is how we roll in Utah...

If you support the BRAND like this....would love to see the pics.... Thanks TEAM TITLEIST!!!


Steve H, this is awesome my friend. Glad to see someone else do this cause this is what I was thinking of doing to my back window with the Team Titleist logo and Titleist Performance logo.  Good job. :)



philip g

the TT bag tags are sweet

clayton t

waiting on mine to come in does anyone know what other team titleist out there maybe to order and where like titleist towell for bag


Mine is on the way.... (check your email)

Thanks Team Titleist

Dylan C

I would really love one, how do I get one, im a huge fan and just bought a new set of titleist clubs, can I have one ??

Benjamin T

Would love one as well!  I'm so jealous!  

Benjamin T

I'd love to have one as well!

Geoffrey B

That looks really cool, I am still waiting for mine in the mail.

Brian H

How do you get one?

Greg P

Ding, ding, ding!  Now that's support!  Love the "FJ" cruiser.

John S

Would be an honor to represent Team Titleist with a bag tag in my travels all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. How do you receive one? 

Fred C

Finally got a photo opportunity for me and my friend Ted (pulplvr) to show our tags at Walnut Creek CC yesterday. Played 4 rounds in 3 days with Team Titleist leading the way.


Daniel A

I would love to have one of these down here! Would be awesome to Represent TT! Anybody know how to get one or do you just get sent one?


Looking sharp Fred and Ted!  The tag travels very well!  

Larry W

I received one myself, I'M not much on golf gadgets, But if from Titleist, goes on the bag to show. Titleist is best!!

David K

I have received my Team Titleist bag tag and can not thank you enough for sending me one to put on my bag for all to see. Things are slowing down for me now and its time to get out and start playing again. Thanks again so much TT. :)


Thanks so much! I just received my Team Titleist bag tag and it is proudly attached to my Titleist lightweight stand bag. Walk if you can; it is a wonderful game.

Andy S

Gosh, not to sound redundant (too late I know) with the myriad Team Titleist aficionados, but YES INDEED I'd love to get a TT Bag Tag as well.  Not sure how ya'll got yours but here's to hopefully rubbing the garment of your last post in hopes that I might be a proud recipient of a one TT Bag Tag as well!


Eddie R

I Just got one of these cool TT Bag Tags on my bag now.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to hook me up with this tag.  I already have it on my bag and will show it at the next round of golf to some hardcore titleist buddies.



Ryan P

Where would be the best place I would get fit and buy new titleist clubs. I'm trying to get fit and I feel like a need a new set to improve my game. Where do you think the best place would be to get fit and buy some new clubs.Thanks