TT Bag Tag!

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Sean S

I too was one of the lukcy ones to come home and have a TT Bag Tag waiting for me! I can't wait to take it on my travels and show my Team Titleist pride!

Mike, you and your staff are great and I think I speak for everyone here when I say we truely appreciate the open dialogue we have with you and information you provide to us. Not too mention the great TT gear we can either win or be surprised by!

Here's to a great 2013!!

Fairways and Greens!



Those bag tags are awesome I couldn't think of a better way to show brand loyalty hope I get one soon!

William H

I am currently a Freshman at The University of Houston-Victoria and a proud member of the Jaguars Golf Team. I would be truly honored to add a Team Titleist Bag Tag to my Golf Bag and show off my Titleist Spirit to my competitors!! They look  great and also happen to be my school colors!! 

Brent R

Very cool stuff. Titleist seems to be a top brand rewarding loyalty. Any ideas on where to enter for that?

Rick O

Oh yeah...what a true surprise it was to sit at the kitchen counter and see this bag tag sitting there.

An AWESOME gesture by Titleist!

fred k

i have to say, after a long, bad day at work, it was nice to come home to a package from the acushnet company.  i knew right away what it was.  however, with a somewhat confused look on her face, the wife didn't necessarily share in my delight :)  this will be a nice addition to my bag.  now if i can only convince her that i need a 913d3...


- fred

Mike P

Mike P.

  Thank You, for sending the TT Tag, very Proud to have received this, will carry it with Pride, on My bag.  Mike, You and Your Team are always on top of Equipment and Events, on going. You Guys have a Wonderful New Year.


Had mine waiting for me when I got home today, very nice bag tag 

Thanks Team Titleist



Just received my TT bag tag in the mail today. Gonna look great with the brand new AP2s I just orderded!

Thanks Team Titleist, you guys are top-notch!

Nick D.

james f

I would love to put one on my bag with my new AP2's. It would make for a great picture in Hawaai on the Klipper Ocean hole.

Alexander R

Hey Just got mine in the mail today. Thanks for a really cool bag tag. Can't wait to get my mini staff bag next month. I also wanted to thank TEAM TITLEIST for selecting me to participate in their golf ball research team. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Here's to a GREAT 2013 year in NC.

Keep it in the short grass.....

Alex R

Greg S

I too received a TT Bag Tag and all I can say is awesome.

Todd T

Still waiting, but not mad at all if I don't get one! Congrats to those that scored!

Chuck Z

I am definitely jealous....hope I get one in the mail this week....I also participated in the ball testing....I have the TT decals on my automobiles and definitely want the bag tag on my Titleist golf cool would that look???????


Got mine today also....sweet....Thanks TT