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Shane G

Hi all

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place. I apologise in advance if its wrong.

About 5 months ago I purchased a set of AP1 clubs. Generally I've been really happy with this club. Today however I encountered an issue. The head on my 8 iron has come loose from the hosel. It spins with a little pressure and it's quite easy to remove the head from the hosel. I'm a 14 handicap, I'm no gun player but I don't hack either and take good care of my clubs, so I'm a bit unsure why it's failed. My question however, can someone please give me some advice on fixing this club.

Kind regards


William H


The situation you have encountered is very normal and all players go through this no matter the brand of the club. Depending on the frequency of practice and play, and the storage conditions can affect the epoxy which is holding the club head and hosel to the shaft. In the summer this is also very common because epoxy is affected by heat, for future reference the best way to prevent this situation is to clean and dry your clubs after every practice, and store them in a room temperature location.

To fix this situation you can contact your local golf club or golf superstore that is accredited with Titleist, this fix in inexpensive and easy. Most of the time once it is repaired you can play the club within 24 hours.

I hope this Helps!


Christian J

Take it to your local Titleist rep., they will be able to send the club in to get repaired.  Or if you bought it from a brand name store, they should be able to do the same as well.  Best of luck!

Bryan W

Hi Shane, Do you have a local golf shop that does club repair? That would be your best bet.  If not simply click the golf shop locator at the very top of this page and search... The special epoxy holding the head on the shaft just need to be reglued is all... This is a rare thing but it happens...

Manuel M

Hi Shane,

I'm really sorry to hear about your problem with the club and can only imagine that it's really frustrating. My best advice for this issue would be to visit a local pro shop and let them know exactly what is wrong with the club and they should be able to get it taken care of. Also perhaps if you know a Titleist rep, then they can get this issue fixed for you by sending it to the manufacture. Hopefully someone from the Staff can also help me on this question. I hope this helps. Thank you for playing the best in golf.

Respectfully, Manny M.

P.S. Happy New Year

Gary F


Same issue with a "W" club....less than a year.  It does not make any sense for me to send it back to Titleist due to the cost and the time it would take to fix this wedge that I use alot.  More so from Hawaii.

While I understand this things happen, it has never happened to me in over 50 years of playing golf with any other brand.

When I pay a premium for clubs my expectation is that I would not have this issue.

Very disappointed.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Gary,  If this is a new club, we would recommend sending it back for us to fix.  Have you shop ask for a call tag and as it is Hawaii, we will send a 2 day air tag.  There will be no charge to do that and we can get it back to you in about one week.

Shane G

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I ended up taking it to my local golf shop who I bought the clubs from. They repaired it with some new epoxy. It's good as new now. Thanks again everyone, it's a really nice community you got here.

Kind regards


Gary F

Aloha Cathi,

Yes this is less than a year old wedge.  However, I will take it to my club repair shop to fix.  I estimate it will take a couple of weeks if I sent it to Titleist for repair before I got the club back. 


James B

I have had a few clubs fixed at the local Golf Galaxy. My putter is currently in there getting a loose conection to the shaft  fixed. It's not too uncommon and its an easy fix. Just make sure you have it fixed by someone that knows what they are doing.

Gary F


Appreciate your suggestion.  Yes let my club repair guy handle it.

Mahalo (Thanks)