Titleist 913D3 headcover

Started by : Chris |

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Hi Titleist,

I have broken my head cover for my lovely new 913D3 driver. Is it possible to buy a new one some place?

Ron M.

Please tell us how that happened.(or Not) .....Maybe it will prevent someone else from doing the same...If it was from pulling it off the club is there a warranty?..good luck

Andrew C

My Edwin Watts has a ton of them. Try their website.

Jim R

How did you break it? 


I broke it with the tail to the trunk of my car. Fortunately my driver wasn't in the cover, because I was using a different one that day. Lucky me. But it is completely cracked on the one side, so I would like to buy a new one.

Jim R

Wow, that is not good!  Sounds like one of my typical days... lol