913 Driver is still indoors

OK guys - (anyone from outside the snows and cold of the Northeast). I have the new 913 in the bag and it's awesome. Trouble is, I'm confined to simulator golf for at least another month. I was wondering if this is a "tee it high and let it fly" or does it perform better with a lower tee hight. Can anyone weigh in on this one??

John find yourself a heated driving range (no matter how far) and go hit the beast....the ride gets shorter !!!

To my understanding, any driver can be manipulated to hit the shot you want whether it is high or low. I would recommend making sure your club specifically fit for you, just to assure you are not hitting it incredibly low or incredibly high. Start off by putting it on a high loft like around 11 degrees, and go down from there depending on your ball flight. Hope this helps!