How many Team Titleist Military Veterans do we have on here?

4 years Army. 10th MTN Div. Ft Drum. 11 months in Afghanistan. 

Its Titleist or bust for me personally. 

16 years Army now in Vicenza Italy! Love the golfing here!!

USMC Vietnam Vet

Thank you all for your service for the country.

I am not a Veteran, but I would like to add to this string by saying "Thank you to all who are or who have served our country to keep us protected.  I greatly appreciate all of you putting you life's at risk in order to protect mine and my family's"

Happy Veterans Day


Thanks for thinking of us. USMC Vietman Vet. God bless all of men and women serving our country!!

I am retired Army MSG .  Just received my new AP2 714s  they are the best Irons I have ever played.  Launch off the face feels so soft and flies straight to the target.   WOW!!!!!!

I am still serving, 19 years and counting.  Currently stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.  I really enjoy the opportunity to play year round again.  The last time I played year round was 2007-08 in Georgia. 

I have to opportunity to play with a retired TT member and another active duty TT member!

USAF 11 years in. have been stationed over seas 9 out of 11.

Currently serving in the US Navy about to hit 9 years I am an MM1 onboard LHD-6 in Sasebo Japan

Good to see so many AD/Res/Retired military TT members...USAF AD for 10yrs and now in the Reserves.

Hello!  Currently on Active Duty with the Army.  I have been in for 14 years.  Playing Titleist clubs for the past 12 years.  Hope all is well.  


Great to see so many AD/Res/Ret TT members!  AD AF for 10 yrs and now a reservist.

I'm USAF active duty physician stationed at Scott AFB, been in the service for 6 years now.  Started playing golf 5 years ago and have a bag full of Titleist clubs.  Love their simplicity and effectiveness.  Thanks to all the rest for your service!

4 years active duty in U.S. Navy 1974-1978..Second Class Aerographers Mate (weather forecaster).

most interesting duty station was Diego Garcia..played golf since age of 10 and play all Titleist clubs.