How many Team Titleist Military Veterans do we have on here?

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I was in USAF and I have been playing Titleist Equipment for many years.

Seth H

16 years Army now in Vicenza Italy! Love the golfing here!!

Rob B

USMC Vietnam Vet

Johnny C

Thank you all for your service for the country.

Brian D

I am not a Veteran, but I would like to add to this string by saying "Thank you to all who are or who have served our country to keep us protected.  I greatly appreciate all of you putting you life's at risk in order to protect mine and my family's"

Happy Veterans Day


Rob B

Thanks for thinking of us. USMC Vietman Vet. God bless all of men and women serving our country!!


I am retired Army MSG .  Just received my new AP2 714s  they are the best Irons I have ever played.  Launch off the face feels so soft and flies straight to the target.   WOW!!!!!!

Greg K

I am still serving, 19 years and counting.  Currently stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.  I really enjoy the opportunity to play year round again.  The last time I played year round was 2007-08 in Georgia. 

I have to opportunity to play with a retired TT member and another active duty TT member!

John L

USAF 11 years in. have been stationed over seas 9 out of 11.


Currently serving in the US Navy about to hit 9 years I am an MM1 onboard LHD-6 in Sasebo Japan


Good to see so many AD/Res/Retired military TT members...USAF AD for 10yrs and now in the Reserves.

Brent Wells

Hello!  Currently on Active Duty with the Army.  I have been in for 14 years.  Playing Titleist clubs for the past 12 years.  Hope all is well.  



Great to see so many AD/Res/Ret TT members!  AD AF for 10 yrs and now a reservist.

Trevor S

I'm USAF active duty physician stationed at Scott AFB, been in the service for 6 years now.  Started playing golf 5 years ago and have a bag full of Titleist clubs.  Love their simplicity and effectiveness.  Thanks to all the rest for your service!

joe c

4 years active duty in U.S. Navy 1974-1978..Second Class Aerographers Mate (weather forecaster).

most interesting duty station was Diego Garcia..played golf since age of 10 and play all Titleist clubs.