How many Team Titleist Military Veterans do we have on here?

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I was in USAF and I have been playing Titleist Equipment for many years.

Allen P

I am retired U.S.Army 23 years.

Christian J

I personally would like to thank you, and everyone else on here for your guys service.  Thank you for everything you guys, and for keeping us safe.  Without you, who knows what this world would be like.  Thank you once again!

Christian Jorgensen 

Lou G

I thank everyone for their service.

U.S. Navy

FCC (SW) retired.   Chief Firecontrolman Surface Warfare Qualified (paygrade E-7) - relates to golf since the job is to put ordnance on target.

John L

I am USAF currently stationed main land japan.

I was in 11 years during the 80's and 90's

Wade C

USMC '92-'98 Stationed at MCB Hawaii , then CSSG-3 for a short stint.

Shout out to all the boys at Kaneohe, Navy Marine, Leilehua and Kalakaua that may have played there at the same time.



USAF for 20 and now simulator instructor at Dover. 

Chuck Z

I served in the USAF from 1965 until 1971 and was medically discharged....worked in middle management in the private sector with four big corporations as district manager for twenty years (no retirement), then worked with state government for 22 years as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist assisting veterans looking for employment and assistance in making transition from military service.  Facilitated a program at a local military installation for 17 years teaching them how to interview fo jobs and how to write resumes.  Am now retired from state (was rehired by state to work part time as instructor/facilitator on as needed basis) and play golf four to five days a week and work one day as a starter at a local golf course......who said retirement is not : )

Tony C

I am signed up for the Air Force after I graduate from college. I will be a logistics readiness officer.

Thomas C

USAF from 1988-2008 as an E-3 AWACS pilot and T-37 pilot. I'm working as the ESH Manager at a small installation in the Caribbean.  I get to the range 2-3 times per week and play golf Friday after work and every Saturday.  Retired life is good so far

Todd T

Army 2nd Ranger Bn for four years, with combat parachute jump in 1989 to boot out Noriega!      Sua Sponte


Thomas C

USAF from 1988-2008 as an E-3 AWACS pilot and T-37 pilot. I'm working as the ESH Manager at a small installation in the Caribbean.  I get to the range 2-3 times per week and play golf Friday after work and every Saturday.  Retired life is good so far

I am active duty USMC stationed overseas going on 21 years. 

Allen P

Retired Master Sgt/1stSgt U.S. Army

Lou G

Chief Firecontrolman (Surface Warfare), U.S. Navy Retired.  23 years active and 2 years reserve.   Golf and the FC rating accomplish one specific goal: ordnance on target.

Joshua O

I am currently serving in the farth north Fairbanks Alaska,and  I have been in the USAF for 11 years.  It is hard to be a competative golfer with a couple month season... I am lookinf forward to moving south this coming March.

Chris R

I served in the USAF from 1993-2003.  I spent some quality time at the Ramstein AB, Germany golf course...I was lucky to be stationed there for 6 years.  I recently started playing again after about a 10 year layoff and the only question I didn't have about new equipment was balls...Titleist, of course.


I am retired US Army - just shy of 26 years - as a Lieutenant Colonel.  I have played while stationed abroad in Berlin, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.  Now retired completely, I play five days most weeks and carry a single digit handicap.  I play AP-2 712s and a 24 degree 910h,  as well as Pro V-1s.

I thank all the other TT members who are serving, or have served, for their service.  For those of you who are signed up to serve, may you have wonderful years serving our country.


I served 8 yrs in the Marines 1999-2007. M 3/11 29 Palms, CA. Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Vet. 2 tours. Ooh Rah and Semper Fi. Sgt. Daniel Wells

dustin t

Chief Petty Officer Retired, US Coast Guard


Spent 8 years in the USAF in the late 90s and early 2000's.

Kevin S

USAF and ANG pilot retired, my whole bag is Titleist.

Marc S

22yrs in the Army. Retired 1SG. I play nothing but Titleist. Proud to be a Team Titleist member and represent the best brand in golf.

Christopher T

I retired from the Air Force after 21 years of travelling all around the world and seeing some amazing places.  now I work at a golf courser part time while I finish my degree and decide what I want to do when I grow up.  And I am loving all the free golf I get, that is the best part of working at a nice course. 

Matt M

I served 4 years in US Army.  Cannon Crewmember and stationed at Ft. Benning, GA

Chuck Z

I served in the Air Force (1965-1971) and was medically discharged.  I spent 22 years as a Veterans Outreach Specialist with the state of SC......I started playing golf about 27 years ago, because I was really tied up in my career as a manager in the private sector before going to work for the state.  I have played in this order; Wilson Staff, png, Titleist, cally, Wilson Staff and finally came back home to Titleist after my  retirement from the state in 2011....I guess you have to retire play more and come to your bag is 100% Titleist and my new AP2s will be shipped on November 1st.......

Ric Y

USAF - 6 years

McChord AFB, WA - 1 1/2 ykears

Soesterberg AB, NL - 4 years

Joshua O

After being stationed at Eielson AFB for the last eight years I recieved my notification that my family and I will be moved to Macdill AFB, Tampa Fl . I can't wait. Only 8 years until I can retire...  

Allen L

Glad to see that we have so many Veterans.  I'm a US Navy Boatswain's Mate Veteran.  Destroyer Escourt duty stations, 1966-1970.

Sean H

4 years Army. 10th MTN Div. Ft Drum. 11 months in Afghanistan. 

Its Titleist or bust for me personally. 

Seth H

16 years Army now in Vicenza Italy! Love the golfing here!!

Rob B

USMC Vietnam Vet

Johnny C

Thank you all for your service for the country.

Brian D

I am not a Veteran, but I would like to add to this string by saying "Thank you to all who are or who have served our country to keep us protected.  I greatly appreciate all of you putting you life's at risk in order to protect mine and my family's"

Happy Veterans Day


Rob B

Thanks for thinking of us. USMC Vietman Vet. God bless all of men and women serving our country!!


I am retired Army MSG .  Just received my new AP2 714s  they are the best Irons I have ever played.  Launch off the face feels so soft and flies straight to the target.   WOW!!!!!!

Greg K

I am still serving, 19 years and counting.  Currently stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.  I really enjoy the opportunity to play year round again.  The last time I played year round was 2007-08 in Georgia. 

I have to opportunity to play with a retired TT member and another active duty TT member!

John L

USAF 11 years in. have been stationed over seas 9 out of 11.


Currently serving in the US Navy about to hit 9 years I am an MM1 onboard LHD-6 in Sasebo Japan


Good to see so many AD/Res/Retired military TT members...USAF AD for 10yrs and now in the Reserves.

Brent Wells

Hello!  Currently on Active Duty with the Army.  I have been in for 14 years.  Playing Titleist clubs for the past 12 years.  Hope all is well.  



Great to see so many AD/Res/Ret TT members!  AD AF for 10 yrs and now a reservist.

Trevor S

I'm USAF active duty physician stationed at Scott AFB, been in the service for 6 years now.  Started playing golf 5 years ago and have a bag full of Titleist clubs.  Love their simplicity and effectiveness.  Thanks to all the rest for your service!

joe c

4 years active duty in U.S. Navy 1974-1978..Second Class Aerographers Mate (weather forecaster).

most interesting duty station was Diego Garcia..played golf since age of 10 and play all Titleist clubs.

Mark W

I served from 1991-1995 in the Marines.  I have all Titleist equipment in my bag.  I get fitted at Cherokee C.C. in Madison Wi. from my best friend, and head pro. Travis Becker.  I travel the world golfing, and I would like to hook up with other veterans.  I am REALLY looking for a warm spot to golf for a few days in the U.S. around Feb. or March.  The only swings I get is from the "Trailer" that Steve Stricker hits out of in the Winter time in Wisconsin.  If anyone has a hook up somewhere warm, me and my friends would love it.  Thanks!!!!!



Dan H

Thanks for serving the best Team in the World guys!!!!  USA all the way!!! 

Frank P

I was in the U.S.Navy for 4 years and served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)

Robert J

US Army 1985-1988, 1st Infantry Ft Riley, 2nd Infantry S. Korea.  Love my AP2 714 irons and Vokey wedges.

Mark W

Hey Gents.  I did not know there were so many of us Veterans on Team Titleist.  I wish you all the best in 2014.  Hopefully Strick will win another one for our team.  I know he does alot for Veterans.  God bless!!



Mitch O

Not in the military, but I think it is important to say thank you to each and every one of you.  Many of us take for granted what others are risking and willing to do for the rest of us.  Within my means I do and will always do what I can to make sure you all know how thankful I am.  


U.S Army retired LTC 28 years....Everything Titleist since 1992

Tyler B

Current guardsmen at Buckley AFB in Aurora, CO.