What kind of Titleist clubs do you play?

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I play the 910 series, Driver,3 metal.5 metal and my favorite 7 metal. I have Vokey wedges 56,60 degrees and AP 1 irons, Scotty Cameron Studio Select Putter and Pro V 1-X ball

Miles B

Titleist 712 AP2 irons, scotty select Newport 2 and pro v 1. In the market for a vokey, but play a different company for driver and 3 wood. Still love my Titleist.

Ron M.

910D2-10.5/F15*/H19*......AP2 4-pw....SM4 52-8/56-12/60-07....Scotty Cali Monterey 1.5.....Mid size staff .....FJ Contour

anthony p

Just got a new vokey 58 wedge over the winter, hit it for the first time at the range today and was getting levels of spin and control I have never seen from a club before.  25 handicap btw

Skylar T

910 d2 driver, vokey sm4 52 and 58, Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback, Prov1

Allen J

I play the 910D3, a 910F 3 wood  a 18* Cobra Pro Baffler, 965CB irons with Vokey wedges 56 &52 and a Scotty Cameron 43" Kombi mid putter. Love my Titleists and ProV1X ball

Sean O

I play the 913 D2, with 910 3 and 5 woods, i have 712 MB irons, i have 4 SM4 wedges 64, 60, 56, and 52 but only play 3 ( not the 64) , and then the Scotty Cameron studio select newport 2 and Pro V1 Ball, all in a titleist walking bag

Sean O

I play 913 D2 driver, 910 3 and 5 woods, 712 MB irons, SM4 wedges 60, 56, and 52, Scotty Cameron Newport 2, Pro V1, All in a Titleist walking bag

Barry O

 Last year, 2012, I completed the purchase of all of the Titleist equipment that I was fitted for back in Jan. 2011 @ Oceanside, CA by fitter Steve Ziff. I play a 910 D2 9.5*  @ 45 1/2" Aldila VooDoo S shaft set @ D4; a 910f 15* Aldila VooDoo S shaft set @ D4; two 910h hybrids Aldila NVS S shafts 19* & 24* set @ D4 & D1 respectively; 712 AP2 irons 5 - PW KBS Tour S shafts; three Vokey SM CC wedges 52-08, 56-11 & 60-10 DG S200 shafts and a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 @ 35". All stuffed into a new Mid-size Cart Bag, black & white personalized and the new TT bag tag along with my hole - in - one Titleist bag tag. I play Titleist Pro V1x to a 6 handicap index.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

In the bag for 2013... some already there, some on the way, all precision fitted.

Ball: Pro V1x
Driver: 913D3 7.5* (SureFit Tour setting C-3) Diamana D+ White 72 Shaft / Stiff / 44.5" *Coming Soon
Fairway: 913F.d Low Spin 15* (SureFit Tour setting B-2) Diamana D+ White 82 Shaft / Stiff / 43" *Coming Soon
Hybrid: 913H 21* (SureFit Tour setting B-2) Diamana D+ White 92 Shaft / Stiff / 40" *Coming Soon
Irons: AP2 712 (4-PW) Project X Flighted 5.5 / 1* Upright / Std. Loft and Length
Wedges: Vokey Design TVD Black Oxide 52*, 56* and 60*
Putter: Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 34" 


Ball: After playing mostly the ProV1x last year I'm going to try out the ProV1 a little on course
Driver: 910D3 10.5* (SureFit Tour setting A-1) Adila RIP Shaft / Stiff 
Fairway: 909F2  15* Adila VooDoo Shaft / Stiff 
Irons: AP1 710 (3-PW) Stock Stiff / 1" long
Wedges: Vokey Design SM4 Tour Chrome 50.12, 56.11 bent to 55.10 and 60.10
Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2/350g/34" (Custom Shop Lime and Gray paint)  

Going to rotate in a Select NP2 in raw finish too once I get that baby back!


In the bag for 2013... All custom fitted.    All Titleist, all the time

Ball: Pro V1x  #13's
Driver: 910D3 9.5*  AD DI 7X.  913D3 in the process of being ordered.
Fairway: 910F.d  15* PX 7.0
Hybrid: 585H 21* NV Proto X
Irons: AP2 710 (4-PW) KBS Tour S+ / 2* Upright / +1/2" long
Wedges: Vokey Design TVD Black Oxide , 56* and 60*. Vokey Design 50*
Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Mid Slant

2013 Titleist Lightweight Stand bag.

FJ Apparel Line : Shoes, Shirts, Shorts/pants, socks, Outerwear.

Happy Golf season to all.


Eric B

I play all Titleist equipment purchase in 2011. 910D3 driver 10.5, 910fd 15.0 909 21.0 hybrid
AP2 710 irons 4-PW, Vokey wedges 56, 60 & SM4 62. Scotty Newport 2 putter. All in my mid-
size 9.5 staff bag. I wear three FJ dry joys. 

On Jan 21, 2013, at 7:08 AM, Ron M. wrote:

910D2-10.5/F15*/H19*......AP2 4-pw....SM4 52-8/56-12/60-07....Scotty Cali Monterey 1.5.....Mid size staff .....FJ Contour

Joshua L

In the bag currently...getting fit on thursday so it's subject to/most likely will change

Ball: Pro V1x 

Driver: 8.5° 913 D3 Matrix 7m3 Black Tie X 44.25 (C-1 surefit setting)

Fairway: 13° 906 f2 Fujikura ZCom Pro 95 X

Hybrid: Adams XTD Fujikura Speeder 904HB X (soon to be 913)

Irons:  3-9 712 MB Project X 6.5 1° Strong 1° upright Standard Length

Wedges: 48-10 SM4 1° strong 1° Upright,  TVD Black Oxide , 54 and 60 both 1° strong standard length and lie

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 1999

FootJoy Icons, FJ Sports, and StaSof (would really like to give the puretouch a go but can never find them in stores)

Would really like to add a 712U 2-iron with a matching Project X shaft please oh please

Lou G

910F 19* fairway

910H 21 and 27* hybrids

AP1 6-PW irons

SM4 52-12 and 60-10



Josh G

Ball: ProV1 #7 Giahotsauce
Driver: 910D3 10.5* (SureFit Tour setting C-3) Adila NV Stiff 
Fairway: Orlimar Trimetal 17* (lol I know I know) I do own a 910f, I just like having the power of 3 metals
Irons: AP2 710 (4-PW) True Temper High Launch stiff 2* flat
Wedges: Vokey Design Oil Can 52, 56, 60
Putter: Scotty Cameron Napa (either the Cali09 or the Oil Can in Pro Platinum depends on the weather)

Shoes: FootJoy Icons


Titleist 913D3 7.5 set in C1 with Aldila Trinity 65 Tour X 45"

Titleist 910F 13.5 set to B1 with Aldila XPP8 42"

Titleist 910H set to B4 with X100

Titleist 712CB 3-7 MB 8-P with ProjectX7.0 +.25" 2* strong lofted

Titleist SM CC 50,54,58 DG TI X100

Titleist ProV1x #12


In the bag right now.  Subject to change based on the 913 fairways and hybrids.

Ball: Pro V1x

Driver: 913D3 9.5* (SureFit Tour setting A-1) Diamana D+ White 72 Shaft / Stiff  

Fairway: 909F 15*  Diamana Kai'li shaft / Stiff  

Hybrid: 909H 21* Diamana Kai'li shaft / Stiff

Irons: AP2 710 (4-PW) TT DG stiff shafts

Wedges: Vokey SM 52* and 56* 

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 33" 

george t

Titleist 910D3 10.5*, 910F 15*, 910H 19* & 21* (set to 22.5*), AP2 5-PW, Vokey 52*, 56* & 60*, Scotty Cameron California Fastback Putter, Pro V1x, Titleist Premium 14-way bag, Footjoy XPS-1, Footjoy Stasof

Cody W

Ball: ProV1X

Driver: 913D2, Diamana Blue 62 Stiff Shaft (A1 Setting) Left Handed

Woods: 910F, Diamana Blue 62 Stiff Shaft (A1 Setting) Left Handed

Wedges: Vokey SM4 (52, 56, 60) Coming Soon Left Handed

Bag: 2013 Lightweight stand bag (Crimson/White/Black)

Chris L

I play Titleist all the way: 913 D3 driver (10.5 degree), 913 Hybrid on order, AP2 irons, Vokey 52 & 56 degrees and Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 and Pro V1 ball.

Brad S

All Titleist all the time!

Ball: Pro V1x - #1

Driver: 913D3 9.5 Diamana 74g A-1

Fairway: 910f 15 RIP 80G X-STIFF B-1 (soon to be 913)

Hybrid: 910H 19 diamana x std

Irons: 3-W AP2 710 2* up .5" long

Wedges: Gap - Vokey raw 52*

                 Sand - Vokey SM4 56*

Putter: Cameron Select Newport 2 34.5" (maybe a new Del Mar)

Kevin O

Pro V1x ball, 910f 15 degree, 54 degree sm4, and soon to have a 910/913h 19 degree, Titleist bag, and either a 58 or 60 degree sm4 to match my other sm4 vokey wedge.  Would be nice to have a TT bag tag to go on my soon to be new Titleist bag (can't decide on what color I want!).........

Francesco F

2013 will display the following:
Ball: ProV1x (#5-8)
Driver: 905R 10.5* UST Proforce V2 76g X
Fairway: 910F 15* UST Proforce V2 86g X
Hybrid: PT585H 19* Aldila VS Proto By You 85g S (possible upgrade to 913)
Irons: Titleist ZB 4-PW DGS300 S
Wedges: Vokey Oil Can 52.08; Vokey Spin Milled 56.11 & 60.04
Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2
Bag: Titleist Mid Size Staff Bag
Accessories: Players Towel, Players Glove, TT Bag Tag; Titleist Valuable pouch
Shoes: FJ DryJoys Tour, FJ Icon, FJ Sport, FJ Contour;
Clothing: - Rain: FY Dryjoys Tour Collection Rain Jacket & FJ Dryjoys Tour Collection Short Sleeve Rain Shirt
                 - Cold: FJ ProDryPerformance Thermal Base Layers, FJ Golf Mock, FJ Performance 1/2 zip pullover; FJ Performance Lined Sweater; Titleist Winter Hat
                 - Summer: FJ ProDry Performance Lisle Pencil Stripe, FJ ProDry Performance solid lisle w/ stripe accent, FJ ProDry Performance Lisle Stripe, FJ ProDry Pique Performance


Had a chance to get fitted down at TPI in Oceanside a year and a half ago.

Ball: Pro V1x

Driver: 913D2 8.5* w/ Tour AD DI 7x - A1 setting

Fairway: 910Fd 15* w/ Fujikura P95x - A1 setting

Hybrid: 910H 17* w/ Matrix Black Tie hybrid shaft - A1 setting

Irons: 712 MB 4-PW w/ DG TI X100, lofts 1* strong, standard lie and length

Wedges: Vokey SM4 50* w/ DG TI X100, Vokey TVD CC 54* w/ DG TI S400, Vokey TVD SM4 58* w/ DG TI S400

Putter: Golo - Custom Heavy 34"

Bag: 2012 Titleist Lightweight stand bag - black, custom order with University logo

Alignment Sticks: Titleist Vokey black and white sticks

Here is a pic of my clubs in my Titleist staff bag that I use every once in a while when I know I'm going to be riding.


Right now AP2s 2 thru PW and Vokey wedges 52, 56 & 60 deg. Working on increasing to all Titleist clubs as needed as others wear out.

Bill H

910 D3 Driver 8.5 degrees, 'Ahina shaft - X-stiff
904F 15 degrees, Speeder shaft (Will be upgrading to 913 Fd when available)
910H 19 Degree hybrid, 'Ahina shaft - Stiff
AP2 710 Irons 4-GW, True Temper S300 shaft
Vokey Spin Milled Wedges, 56 and 60 degrees,black nickel finish
Pro V1x ball

All sit nicely in a midsize staff bag with my name on the front. A 20th anniversary gift from my beautiful wife.

David C


Irons-DCI 962 5-9 project x Satin, Spined

Driver-910D3 8.5

Hybrid-909  19

Hybrid-910 24

Wedges- Vokey 48 52 56 60

Putter-Cameron Bullseye flange


712 AP2 Irons 3-P

SM4 Wedges 52.08, 56.11, 60.04 currently, may swap out the 52 and 56 for a 54.11 to make room for a hybrid

Coming soon: 913 D3 8.5 degree Aldila RIP Phenom 70 shaft, 913 F 15 degree Aldila RIP Phenom 80 shaft, and likely 913H 19 degree Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY shaft.

Non-Titleist putter, and I don't have current plans to change it.

Pro V1 ball.