Pom Pom Winter Hat

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The pom pom winter hat must be the most popular item of the year.  I have been trying to pick one up at my local Edwin Watts and it has been on back order twice.   I should have placed an order earlier in the year :)  Bad planning on my part.

Christian J

If you saw any of the posts in the past, you could definitely tell the community missed them.  I don't know how many discussions there were about people begging Titleist to bring them back, smart move on Titleist's part.  Just looked online for my local golf store and noticed they were out of stock as well.  Have to admit these are pretty sweet, and being a Titleist junkie, I'll definitely have to order one.




 I sent you a message.  Will pick one up and send it UPS for you.  lol


It better be free if it's coming UPS...ha, ha.

Fred C

I didn't see them this year either. Just for nostalgia's sake, the PomPom winter hat is an essential - I gotta order one today.