I am about to turn 16 and start driving and would love to have a titleist lanyard for my house and car keys. Does anyone know where i could buy one because i love titleist and they are obviously the best golf company!

I know my friend has a Titleist lanyard but I am not for how he got it. I think if you just participate in Team Titleist discussions they might send you on in the mail.

Most of the time all you have to do is what Jake just said.   Ask for one through a discussion.  If that doesn't work you might consider asking management, that is how I got mine.

Titleist lanyard would be legit - I'd buy one.  They should have a store on the website to pick up little stuff like that.

I would like to replace my old college lanyard with a nice new Titleist lanyard for my work key to show off!

Eric K makes a great call!  A store would really cool, some of the Titleist polo's to buy would be awsome.

Unfortunately we have already had this discussion, and management says tat they can't make a store.  They have tried it in the past, and it wasn't successful.  Hard to believe it wasn't successful, but I can see their point.  Also with the store, it takes away from the fun of receiving the free gifts.  Good idea though!

I just recieved an envolope in the mail with a free lanyard in it, best way to make titleist en even better company. Thanks a milion to whoever saw my post and sent me one.