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Sam Gray

Im not sure it just came in the mail for me

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Dylan C

I emailed Team Titleist about the bag tag. They said only people who are very active/ helpful to other members on TT  will get one

Paul T

You can't buy any of the TT stuff. Unless someone who wins it, puts it on ebay, or something? But, like said before. Stay active on the site. And your time shall come! Good luck.


james o

I have been seeing people comment on the bag tags, and seen a few pictures, does anyone know how/where to buy them. 



Hi James,

Unfortunately you cannot buy them.  Team Titleist products are rewarded to Team Titleist members who participate in discussions.  You can also win them when they have sweepstakes or surprise discussions by the Team Titleist Staff.  So participate, participate, participate and you will be rewarded.  I've learned a great deal about Titleist products just by being a TT member and the best thing it's FREE!!! Hope that helps.