Titleist Bags

Hi people i just want to see what your Titleist bags look like here's mine!!

Titleist 913 D2 driver, 2 910 Fairway woods, 712 MB irons 4-PW, SM4 vokey wedges 60,56,52, and Finally the Studio select Newport 2 scotty Cameron. All in a 14 way Titliest lightweight carry bag!!

Very nice selection.  My bag is not too different.  3-PW MB's, 56 and 60 TVD M grinds, 913D3, 910 3, 910 H, and a SC Newport 2.5 Mid-slant, with Titleist practice sticks all in a Titleist cart bag.


Thanks for sharing.

I'm carrying a 913D2, AP1 (3-PW) irons, and a Vokey SM4 56/14 wedge.  I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the 913 fairway woods to get me back to 14 clubs, with a 913Fd.  And I'll pick up a proper Titleist bag as well, since I still have a cally bag now.  (Please forgive me, I know not what I do...)

Here's a picture--

Here's mine:

913D2 9.5* Fubuki Tour 63"

731PM 2-iron (Dynamic Gold S-300 shaft)

712MB 4-PW Project X 6.0 shafts

Vokey SM4 50*, 56* (bent to 57*), 64*

Cameron Select Newport 2 35"

3W and hybrid (when I replace 2-iron) are non-Titleist

913D2 8.5 Phenom Stiff, 913F 15* Phenom Stiff, 910H 19* Diamanna Blue Stiff, BV 52,56,60, SC Newport 2.5 Mid, Titleist Med Staff Bag full of Pro V's...

My only exception to Titleist are that I switched from the CB710 to miz MP 53...

Nice!I love the satin finish on the 712 mb and cb its just b-e-a-utiful. I have 3-5 712 cb and 6-pw mb. Have the 913 d3 with original whiteboard 73x. Just sold my 910 fd to a buddy and ordered the new 913 fd today. Can't get the 909 hybrid out of the bag, I love it. Sm4 wedges 54 and 60. And the the flat stick is the new California Monterey. Titleist cart bag.  

Almost finished with bag....Waiting for New 913f&h, 52and56 sm4,Scotty Cali 1.5 .....Love the bag tag....

Nice Set up Sean! I'll get there someday ...thanks for shareing.

Great clubs everybody. I'm currently playing:


910Fd 13.5

910F 17

910H 21

910H 24

712 AP1 6-PW

Vokey custom wedges: TVD 52,54,58

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 33"



 Hey Sean,

I have 2-PW 690 CB's stiff, 906 13 degree xs, 913D3 8.5 degree xs.  About to upgrage irons to MB's with a CB 2 iron.

I'm going to be buying a new bag and love your titleist bag, will that fit on a push cart? Thanks 

Full bag of the best clubs on earth...... Heading to warmer weather tomorrow to play.....


if you were talking about mine, yes Sir, it will fit on one, it is old but very close to the carry/stand bags that are out now.



Alright guys and gals, I CAVED today, fitted and bought a new set of AP2 712s.  The feel in the AP2 is unreal, I thought previously playing a Forged Cavity back, that I might not like the look of the AP2 from address but I was wrong, nice compact head design with a beveled topline which gives it a thinner look...  unreal and well done Titleist..

ps. the MIZ's are officially out and moving on as a donor set to my brother, until I can convince him to get on the Titleist train...