What's your lowest score ever?

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Mine is 75, then the injury bug hit (Low Back Fusion and Knee Replacement), now I've settled back into the 80"s and that might be all I can get with my restrictions now. But I love the game and I love my Titleist equipment.

Sean B

Lowest 9 hole round is 33, lowest 18 is even par 72

Fred C

Fred C

66 on the TPC course at Las Colinas, the Championship and Masters courses at Brookhaven CC in Dallas. it's been a while though, but a breakthrough this year is coming.

I was right - a breakthrough DID happen last week - finished with 4 birdies on the last 4 holes of the Oak Course at Walnut Creek CC for a 61. I hit my ProV1 inside of 10 feet all day and the putts were falling. It was THE best ball striking round I've ever had. 


WOW!  Nice round, Freddy... great finish!

For me, a 70 at Cocoa Beach CC back in October of '92.  Had 4 birdies and 3 bogeys that day, and all three bogeys were a result of 3 putts.  I really didn't mishit a shot the entire round.  It was my last day of vacation and I had played like 15 days in a row, so I was striking the ball very well.  I had posted a personal best 74 two days before that at Royal Oaks in Titusville.  A week later, after returning home, I posted a personal best 72 at my local County course.  It was a lot of fun and a great finish to my '92 season.


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Tracy C

81, but the goal for the year is to break 80. Seems to be a self imposed thing with me. Missed two 4 footers on 16 and 17 when shot last 81. Just trying to get over the hump.

Michael B

71 - My course just changed the week before from a par 72 to 71 so under par round for me. :-( I had 7 birdies, 2 triples and a bogey on the last hole - nerves got to me & it is the most difficult hole.


66 for me. Haven't seen it since. But hey, ya never know.

David B

My lowest round is 69.  I realized I was -3 on 17 tee with two reachable par fives to finish.  As you would expect I started falling apart.  I struggled to bogey 17.  I composed myself on 18 tee, and come home in four.  I haven't been in that position again since, but I won't stop trying to get there and beyond!

Steven L

Mine is 74, par 72. Shot 34 on the front and 40 on the back.

Gene P

My best is  a 5 under par 66 at my club. Kept the ball and had the entire group sign my card! I play to a 6 handicap but every putt went center cup on that day.

Josh G


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Was that your round with no 5's?

Scott S

81 here, Ive just recently picked the clubs back up after a 20 year hiatus from golf.....But Im working on getting better, I average a 90 right now....

Mark K

74 last weekend.  It's all because of my titleist vokey wedges. 

Marc S

67 is my best on the Sunrise course at the Underwood Golf Complex on Ft. Bliss, TX. It was in the winter on punched greens. I guess the old adage of bang it in the back of the hole worked for me that day. Of course it was with a Pro V! #teamtitleist I bettered my best by three strokes that day as it was truly memorable.