What's your lowest score ever?

76....so i bot new clubs.   "When it's working I change"

I shot a 70 (-2) once, but haven't gone under par since then. Looking forward to the next one :)

I had to look this thread back up. Yesterday I tied my best round ever with a -3 (69). I had five straight birdies on the front nine and left the sixth one revolution short and dead in the middle (31). Birdied #10 to get to -6, then found my normal form again with a double bogey and a bogey. I managed two more birdies and stood on #18 tee (105 yd par 3) at -5. A skulled PW, two chips and two putts later I carded a 69. I was in shock and still am to some extent, but I can't quit telling myself with eight birdies "oh, what could have been!"

My lowest score is a 3 under 69. I birdied the last two holes and almost made eagle on the par 4 18th. I had a 2 inch tap in putt to shoot 69. There was no pressure on that last putt to shoot 3 under. Just a smile on my face from ear to ear to finally break 70.



Well I shot 68 in a tournament 3 times, but my lowest nine in a tournament was 31. Just playing, I shot 65 once. And on nines I shot 30 once with a bogey on the 7th hole. Bummer to shoot in the 20s. In a tournament round I have never played a round without a bogey. But when I play, I play from the tips.

Shot a 67 at a local muni (par 72, 6512 yds.)this summer. Had three chip in birdies and just missed a chip in eagle! Man, I love my Vokeys!

Sounds sort of like me.  I also shot 75 before extensive back and knee surgeries; my surgical list is probably more extensive, though. Three lumbar fusion surgeries, bi-lateral total knee replacements (same time) after nine arthroscopies - three prior to the 75, two bi-lat bunion surgeries, four rotator cuff surgeries, and wrist surgery.  No injuries, just played basketball for decades with resulting wear and tear on cartilage leading to degenerative joint disease.  I can still turn, and carry my bag (only - won't ride in a cart because it's worse on my back), and hit the ball, but my better scores are in the low- to mid-80s. Higher scores are from playing less (job demands). Golf is simply another disease I have.

69 right after I purchased my new Titlest AP2 710s.  I was playing with two other individuals on a very slow day and on hole 16 they were going to head into the clubhouse.  That was when I had to tell them that I was shooting the round of my life and wanted them to play the rest of the course with me to be witness.  Those last three holes were the most stressful holes I have ever played.  Haven't come close since unfortunately.

My lowest score is 70, which is par at my home course, and one under at my home course from several years ago. I have missed putts as short as 10 ft on the last hole for 69, but it will happen some day.

Mine is 77!Par 69. Felt like every putt found the hole. With 32 putts!


74 and that was about 14 years ago during a bachelor party with some friends.  Ever since then i haven't been able to break 80..  it's killing me!!! haha..    That's the beauty of golf, ya never know....  

Lowest round ever I have shot 64 on 3 occasions and my lowest 9 holes was -7=28

81 at The Quarry in San Antonio, Texas.  Previously lowest was 84.  Trying to consistently score in the 80's after getting back into golf and spending time working down from 100 into 90's.  

It's a slow process but those rounds where you are just on and attacking the course is what pushes me to get better.  The feeling of getting a new low round is unlike anything else for me so far in golf.  

76.  -1 thru 13 holes then double, double, bogey.  Index is a 7 right now and going up when that score falls off.