What's your lowest score ever?

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Mine is 75, then the injury bug hit (Low Back Fusion and Knee Replacement), now I've settled back into the 80"s and that might be all I can get with my restrictions now. But I love the game and I love my Titleist equipment.

Jim A

Congrats Deaconfann!  My lowest score for 9 holes is a 34, for 18 it's a 75 as well. 

Don't worry about about your mid 80's scores.  After going through all of that, you are doing great to get back to that score.

I was in a head-on automobile accident in 2005, and after 25 surgeries that put me back togther, this season year was my first year back playing the game I truly love.  The 34 came last year, so you can do it if you have the right frame of mind and stick with what your body can do.  Do not try to force it, it will come to you. 

Best of luck to you in the coming season,


Sean O

So far mine has been a 71 but i'm working on it to get it into the 60's

anthony p

95 in my first year of trying to play frequently and improve... Just picked up a couple cally razr hybrids to replace my 3/4 irons.  I am hoping those are worth at least a few strokes.  Goal is sub - 90 this year!!!!


My lowest score was 81 with my favorite ball the NXT.  THE PRO V1x is a lot to my liking too. Thanks Titlelist.  

Also, Thank you, for the really nice BAG TAG.

Josh G

Ahhhh memories.  My best score was a 76 (par 72) on my old home course in Colorado. It was one of those days where you hit a lot of solid shots, make some long putts and capitalize on good bounces. I think I only missed one or two fairways that whole round.

Ron M.

70 at Hilton Head National on Thanksgiving day :)......Bogeyed last hole with a 3 putt to kill my chance for a 60's #...Will try hard to hit the 60's this year...

Paul T

Just an 86. Not a pro. haha. Maybe that'll change when I get some new Titleist irons!

Andrew O

My low is 76 and that was last year.  I'm typically a mid 80s player but decided this year I'm going to work more towards single digits in my handicap (currently a 12) and have been working with my local PGA pro as a result.  

Tom S.

80!! And I want to go lower so bad!!!Mid 80;s most of the time. Good Luck in 2013!

Donald M

66 in competition, clean round 4 birdies no bogies, next best in competition 67, 5 birdies no bogies. Played to five then

DS Mason

On Jan 27, 2013, at 9:26 AM, "Alexander C" > wrote:

64 @ a junior open when I was playing off of 7. now down to 3 and not had anywhere near that 8 under.

Chris S

My best 18 is 77. My best 9 one time during league I was -2 thru 8, at the par 3 9th, I hit my tee shot in the water, re-tee, chip n putt for double. Even.

Fred C

66 on the TPC course at Las Colinas, the Championship and Masters courses at Brookhaven CC in Dallas. it's been a while though, but a breakthrough this year is coming.

Thanks Jim, Sounds like you have had it rough too. Good luck to you this season too. My motto is "Hit till you're happy" and I always just like being out and being able to play.

Jordan G

71 (-1) at the Player Course at Geneva National, Lake Geneva, WI


My best ever is 71 on a par 71 course.  I played in the late afternoon with my wife and everything just worked. Shots to greens bit and stopped and putts went in.  That, though, was pushing 30 years ago.  Since then, my best is 73, both from the senior tees and from the regular tees.  Of course, GHIN asked me if I was sure that I wanted to post that score since it was out of my normal range.  I keep trying to get it down lower, and would like to shoot my age before I turn 70.

Skylar T

67.. shot it 4 times last year and looking to beat it this year!

Mark V

75 2 x in a 3 day Pro-Am, hiccup in the middle round 90. All 14 clubs were Titleist and still are.   

Michael M

Shot 67 at Plumbrook Golf Club in Sterling Heights, MI with my first hole in one as part of that round...

Quintin H

68 from the middle tees......5 or 6 yrs ago. only time breaking into 60's, and at the time it was only my second time breaking par.

I had just finished getting a bunch of stuff done, that had to get done, and I had problems with getting it done. I was so relieved, my mind was calm, and everything was just so good.

Finished the front and the guy I was playing with said hey you're 1 under.....I said don't worry I can fix that on the back. We got to 17 tee and he said you're 2 under, I thought great all I have to do is bogey out and I have an even par round, birdied 17 and 18 to finish 4 under.

It was a year before I broke par again.

Trevor A

My low score on 18 last year was 74 twice (par 72). Oddly enough the front 9 scores were both -2 with +4 for the back 9, different courses. Hopefully I can learn to hold it together longer during my rounds and shoot par or better this year. 

Lou G

35 on a par 34 2200 yd  course (two birdies and 3 bogeys). 

42 for 9 holes on a par 37 3200 yard course (I could probably break 40 at the front 9 of Adm Baker since it has three par fives and all the par 4s are under 350 yards).   I pretty much score between 84-87 on 6100 yard par 72 courses.

Best score in any 18 hole round:  +6 (+2 on front 9 and +4 on back 9 - par 60 course with 200+ yard par 3s).




Bill H

A few years ago, my friend and I played Otter Creek in Columbus, IN. I played the round of my life and shot 76 from the tips. I missed 2 fairways and 3 greens in the round. It was also the day after a rain storm, and the couse was wet and playing long. Before that, my lowest score was 78 on a much easier course. When I went to enter 76 into the handicap system, the computer argued with me. I wish I could find that swing again.

Robert D

I have shot 64 twice at River Place CC in Austin TX.

Clint S

65 with the ProV1X...

Alex G

Low Score for me is 68 twice at Balboa Park GC in San Diego (Full bag of Titleist gear)

Low score in competition was 73 at Torrey Pines North

Lou G

Alex G

Low Score for me is 68 twice at Balboa Park GC in San Diego (Full bag of Titleist gear)

Low score in competition was 73 at Torrey Pines North

Haven't played Balboa Park in a long time (about 2010 with the wife on the exec  course; played the 18 hole course once). 


85 with 2 birdies. It's not the best, but so far it is my best. I've been playing about a year and a half.


Andrew A

65.  I knew I had a good round going but no idea that it was that low.  Shot a modest 35 on the front then blew up the back for a 30.  Still have the ball and signed card from the entire group.

Ritch G

My lowest 18 was a two under 70 at Fallbrook Golf Club in California about 2001.  I worked all night and went straight to the course after work.  I must have been very relaxed because the round had none of my usual mental antics that get in the way.  Lowest for 9 was four under on the back 9 at Barona near San Diego.

Sean B

Lowest 9 hole round is 33, lowest 18 is even par 72

Fred C

Fred C

66 on the TPC course at Las Colinas, the Championship and Masters courses at Brookhaven CC in Dallas. it's been a while though, but a breakthrough this year is coming.

I was right - a breakthrough DID happen last week - finished with 4 birdies on the last 4 holes of the Oak Course at Walnut Creek CC for a 61. I hit my ProV1 inside of 10 feet all day and the putts were falling. It was THE best ball striking round I've ever had. 


WOW!  Nice round, Freddy... great finish!

For me, a 70 at Cocoa Beach CC back in October of '92.  Had 4 birdies and 3 bogeys that day, and all three bogeys were a result of 3 putts.  I really didn't mishit a shot the entire round.  It was my last day of vacation and I had played like 15 days in a row, so I was striking the ball very well.  I had posted a personal best 74 two days before that at Royal Oaks in Titusville.  A week later, after returning home, I posted a personal best 72 at my local County course.  It was a lot of fun and a great finish to my '92 season.


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Tracy C

81, but the goal for the year is to break 80. Seems to be a self imposed thing with me. Missed two 4 footers on 16 and 17 when shot last 81. Just trying to get over the hump.

Michael B

71 - My course just changed the week before from a par 72 to 71 so under par round for me. :-( I had 7 birdies, 2 triples and a bogey on the last hole - nerves got to me & it is the most difficult hole.


66 for me. Haven't seen it since. But hey, ya never know.

David B

My lowest round is 69.  I realized I was -3 on 17 tee with two reachable par fives to finish.  As you would expect I started falling apart.  I struggled to bogey 17.  I composed myself on 18 tee, and come home in four.  I haven't been in that position again since, but I won't stop trying to get there and beyond!

Steven L

Mine is 74, par 72. Shot 34 on the front and 40 on the back.

Gene P

My best is  a 5 under par 66 at my club. Kept the ball and had the entire group sign my card! I play to a 6 handicap but every putt went center cup on that day.

Josh G


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Was that your round with no 5's?

Scott S

81 here, Ive just recently picked the clubs back up after a 20 year hiatus from golf.....But Im working on getting better, I average a 90 right now....

Mark K

74 last weekend.  It's all because of my titleist vokey wedges. 

Marc S

67 is my best on the Sunrise course at the Underwood Golf Complex on Ft. Bliss, TX. It was in the winter on punched greens. I guess the old adage of bang it in the back of the hole worked for me that day. Of course it was with a Pro V! #teamtitleist I bettered my best by three strokes that day as it was truly memorable.

Rex F

63 is my best round ever...Par 70 course 33 - 30 Hot the pin with my approach on 18 and ball bounced off green or may have had a 29 ! 5 birdies 1 eagle no bogeys.and no fives. 66 is best in a event.

William L

my best was at Bear creek in Houston i shot an 82 it was my first time playing, then I took some lessons and learned how i was supposed to play, since then 113 is the best I have ever done and that was at Auborn Hills in the Wichita Ks area last week.

Anthony D

74,which at the time was 6 shots better than my previous best score of 80 and that was with 3 3 putts. it just so happened to be 3 weeks after i got my 712 AP2's....coincidence??? i think not. now i routinely shoot in the 70's and im staring 60's in the face if only i can master the deadly art of putting :/


Josh G


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Was that your round with no 5's?

No 5s on that card Josh! That is another stat, I try to get at least 1 round a year with nothing higher than 4 on the card.

Gabriel G

My best score is 79.  Funny I was not paying attention to my score.  Just paying attention to each hole.  Hit it and then walk down the fairway and then hit it again.  If not make the green tried to chip it close.  The ProV1X feels great when putting, well it feels great on every shot!  :)  I think if I just focus on each swing I will score better.  Oh and course management does not get enough credit.

Ray H

Although not my actual lowest score, I shot an 80 - with a snowman on an easy par 4, and I doubled the next hole because I was still upset. So, six over on two holes and only two over for the rest. Wish I could have had those two holes over.

Edward K


Had to share this! 66 was also my best tournament score and on that day the guy I was playing with shot 62. So I started the day 3 behind the leader, shot 66, and lost 4 shots. That day I realized I should find a real job!!!.....LOL

Matthew P

mine is a 75 with a TEAM TITLEIST PROV1 !!!!

Renatto S

Best round was 69 shot a week ago...
Then backed it up with an 80. Golf man

Ryan P

I've had so many great rounds so far but my best was the second round I played with my new titleist clubs. My best score ever was a 87 I was on fire on the back nine it was a great for team titleist!!

Kevin H

Shot an 84 one hot, humid day here in NE Florida about 20 years ago, and followed it up the next day with an 85.  That was when I was able to hit the range a couple times a week.

This winter I was able to shoot a 37 on the front nine at Windy Harbor at Mayport Naval Station here in Jacksonville (Par 72) on a day I wasn't thinking . . . Just playing golf.  Interesting feeling of playing without worrying about the score. Didn't know I shot the 37 until we made the turn.  Think I ended up 12 or 13 over by the time we finished but was a good day of golf ! ! 

James S

Shot my first sub 70 round this month at Stevinson Ranch near Merced, CA! 69 with 5 birdies and 2 bogies and hit 13/14 fairways.

Mike C

Best round for me ever has been a 75.  Handicap seems to be creeping back up as of late... I guess I need to spend some more time on the range.  Getting two great nine's to line up always seems to be the problem. 

One of the more interesting scorecards was a couple of years ago where I shot a 53 on the front nine followed up with a 33 on the back nine for a 20 stroke difference between the nines.  At least it wasn't the other way around.  Talk about consistency!

Rex F

Edward Boy that is bad luck...I was lucky in that it was only a one day event ...I was in the last group and posted the best score...A couple of guys had shot 67 and thought they would be in a playoff..hated to disappoint them :)


I broke my record of 68 last fall with a 67 (Par 72 - 70.4 Rating/123 Slope).  I am just now getting my handicap below 6 for this year, but I am looking forward to trying to beat it before the season is over... well, at least equaling it. :)


76....so i bot new clubs.   "When it's working I change"


I shot a 70 (-2) once, but haven't gone under par since then. Looking forward to the next one :)

David B

I had to look this thread back up. Yesterday I tied my best round ever with a -3 (69). I had five straight birdies on the front nine and left the sixth one revolution short and dead in the middle (31). Birdied #10 to get to -6, then found my normal form again with a double bogey and a bogey. I managed two more birdies and stood on #18 tee (105 yd par 3) at -5. A skulled PW, two chips and two putts later I carded a 69. I was in shock and still am to some extent, but I can't quit telling myself with eight birdies "oh, what could have been!"

David K

My lowest score is a 3 under 69. I birdied the last two holes and almost made eagle on the par 4 18th. I had a 2 inch tap in putt to shoot 69. There was no pressure on that last putt to shoot 3 under. Just a smile on my face from ear to ear to finally break 70.



Padraic S

Well I shot 68 in a tournament 3 times, but my lowest nine in a tournament was 31. Just playing, I shot 65 once. And on nines I shot 30 once with a bogey on the 7th hole. Bummer to shoot in the 20s. In a tournament round I have never played a round without a bogey. But when I play, I play from the tips.

James S

Shot a 67 at a local muni (par 72, 6512 yds.)this summer. Had three chip in birdies and just missed a chip in eagle! Man, I love my Vokeys!


Sounds sort of like me.  I also shot 75 before extensive back and knee surgeries; my surgical list is probably more extensive, though. Three lumbar fusion surgeries, bi-lateral total knee replacements (same time) after nine arthroscopies - three prior to the 75, two bi-lat bunion surgeries, four rotator cuff surgeries, and wrist surgery.  No injuries, just played basketball for decades with resulting wear and tear on cartilage leading to degenerative joint disease.  I can still turn, and carry my bag (only - won't ride in a cart because it's worse on my back), and hit the ball, but my better scores are in the low- to mid-80s. Higher scores are from playing less (job demands). Golf is simply another disease I have.

Jesse P

69 right after I purchased my new Titlest AP2 710s.  I was playing with two other individuals on a very slow day and on hole 16 they were going to head into the clubhouse.  That was when I had to tell them that I was shooting the round of my life and wanted them to play the rest of the course with me to be witness.  Those last three holes were the most stressful holes I have ever played.  Haven't come close since unfortunately.

Brad m

My lowest score is 70, which is par at my home course, and one under at my home course from several years ago. I have missed putts as short as 10 ft on the last hole for 69, but it will happen some day.

Tom S.

Mine is 77!Par 69. Felt like every putt found the hole. With 32 putts!

Chris B


Christopher H.

74 and that was about 14 years ago during a bachelor party with some friends.  Ever since then i haven't been able to break 80..  it's killing me!!! haha..    That's the beauty of golf, ya never know....  


Lowest round ever I have shot 64 on 3 occasions and my lowest 9 holes was -7=28


81 at The Quarry in San Antonio, Texas.  Previously lowest was 84.  Trying to consistently score in the 80's after getting back into golf and spending time working down from 100 into 90's.  

It's a slow process but those rounds where you are just on and attacking the course is what pushes me to get better.  The feeling of getting a new low round is unlike anything else for me so far in golf.  

Ashley L

76.  -1 thru 13 holes then double, double, bogey.  Index is a 7 right now and going up when that score falls off.

John Hayden W

Mine is a 75 which was during my first year playing golf and now it's my second and the only score I've posted near that is a 77.

Brendan C

81, always working on going lower.

Brian D

My lowest score is a 66.  I played the other day and shot 67, which could have been a 64 had I not missed a couple shot putts.  I chalk this up to playing with a complete set of Titleist equipment that gives me the confidence to know I'm playing with the best.

richard p

Shot 11 under 61, in what turned out to be the last time I played with my grandfather. He stopped playing after 12 holes, said he just wanted to watch.
Rick P

Bonnie R

I shot a 79 three years go.  Lowest since then has been 81.  Still trying to do better.

Tom P

Lowest score ever was a 75 (par 71), the short game was on and the putter was ridiculously hot...23 puts with a Cameron Kombi S. Oh what could have been if I would have been hitting more GIR

Jim N

Memorial weekend 1985 I shot 1 under for first round ever under par. That summer in the Club Championship I had 2 of my 4 rounds at -2, even 3 putting 3 times in one of those rounds. I won the Club Championship which gave me confidence after that. 14 years later I had  a round of -4, 68 for my lowest score ever. But the -2 with three 3 putts (otherwise -5) with the tough pin locations for the Club Championship and pressure, when I hit every green in regulation or better, I consider my best ever. Heck, I beat two guys who were typically on the GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) Honor Roll

jimmy s

72 at Martinsville Golf Club in Martinsville Indiana. 1 over par on the course that my friend I use to play quite often when we were younger. Family obligations change your golf patterns a little bit, plus we live an 1 1/2 away from each othe as well. But it was fun at having a shot at par, bogeyed the tricky dogleg right 18th but had about a 14 footer from the fringe for par but skirted the right edge.  Love my ProV1x s :))


Shot 69 once at my home course..(-3)and 70 in Arizona  on a  par 71 course...have not threatened  par since..

Jim H

lowest score --73 at age 72---miseed hitting due to a boggie on last hole. jim

Eric T

62 twice Malibu CC ....
76 Pinehurst # 2 felt like 60 LOL !!!

Steve S

79 from the gold tees at Cross creek Golf Club in Temecula California

Steven L

74. @ Berry Creek Country Club. 34 on the front and 40 on the back.

Charles J

Ahh, The Quarry.  Played it many times on trips to San Antonio.  Great track.  Front side just a little better than okay, though 8 and 9 played well as I recall.  But playing the back nine down into the depths and back up - terrific!  Love that "take the what you dare" 13th over the water - risk reward at its best.  Just don't reach down into a hole or under rocks for a $5 golf ball gone astray, there may be some nasty critters hiding there.

Cape Codder

John H

75 Birch Creek.  Finally shot in mid-seventies.  My friend are scared to play with me.

Cody W

I've shot 70 a couple of times at my local muni course.

Chuck Z

Some say that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but for me is was the greatest day of my golfing career.......On the 10th of September 2013 I turned 67 and that very Friday I was playing with my normal foursome and I shot a 69, my best round ever. Sad part is I left three putts hanging on the cup.  Could have shot my age as well.  Have come close to the 69 since, with a couple of 70s and a 71 or tow.  Started playing this crazy game in 1984 and it has had it's moments.  Titleist Prov1 and AP2s 2008 model...... :-)

Barry B

I've shot below par twice (67 & 69) both were about 10 years ago.  More recently I tend to float between the mid 70s to mid 80s.  Arthritic left knee with minimal cartilage remaining is my biggest problem.  I started using an "unloader" brace a while back, which helps, but it's not the same as a healthy knee.


Blake B

Shot a 67 on TPC at Los Colinas but my lowest was a 64 (-8) at The Colonial in Memphis.  My favorite round wasn't my lowest but Wednesday I shot a -4 under 68 after going out one over to finish the last four holes -5 with three birdies and an eagle on a par 4.


78 at Highland Meadows Golf Club

brian p

my lowest score ever is a 2+ for 9 holes. I've been pretty close a couple of times, but so far that is my best