What's your lowest score ever?

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Mine is 75, then the injury bug hit (Low Back Fusion and Knee Replacement), now I've settled back into the 80"s and that might be all I can get with my restrictions now. But I love the game and I love my Titleist equipment.


My best ever is 71 on a par 71 course.  I played in the late afternoon with my wife and everything just worked. Shots to greens bit and stopped and putts went in.  That, though, was pushing 30 years ago.  Since then, my best is 73, both from the senior tees and from the regular tees.  Of course, GHIN asked me if I was sure that I wanted to post that score since it was out of my normal range.  I keep trying to get it down lower, and would like to shoot my age before I turn 70.

Skylar T

67.. shot it 4 times last year and looking to beat it this year!

Mark V

75 2 x in a 3 day Pro-Am, hiccup in the middle round 90. All 14 clubs were Titleist and still are.   

Michael M

Shot 67 at Plumbrook Golf Club in Sterling Heights, MI with my first hole in one as part of that round...

Quintin H

68 from the middle tees......5 or 6 yrs ago. only time breaking into 60's, and at the time it was only my second time breaking par.

I had just finished getting a bunch of stuff done, that had to get done, and I had problems with getting it done. I was so relieved, my mind was calm, and everything was just so good.

Finished the front and the guy I was playing with said hey you're 1 under.....I said don't worry I can fix that on the back. We got to 17 tee and he said you're 2 under, I thought great all I have to do is bogey out and I have an even par round, birdied 17 and 18 to finish 4 under.

It was a year before I broke par again.

Trevor A

My low score on 18 last year was 74 twice (par 72). Oddly enough the front 9 scores were both -2 with +4 for the back 9, different courses. Hopefully I can learn to hold it together longer during my rounds and shoot par or better this year. 

Lou G

35 on a par 34 2200 yd  course (two birdies and 3 bogeys). 

42 for 9 holes on a par 37 3200 yard course (I could probably break 40 at the front 9 of Adm Baker since it has three par fives and all the par 4s are under 350 yards).   I pretty much score between 84-87 on 6100 yard par 72 courses.

Best score in any 18 hole round:  +6 (+2 on front 9 and +4 on back 9 - par 60 course with 200+ yard par 3s).




Bill H

A few years ago, my friend and I played Otter Creek in Columbus, IN. I played the round of my life and shot 76 from the tips. I missed 2 fairways and 3 greens in the round. It was also the day after a rain storm, and the couse was wet and playing long. Before that, my lowest score was 78 on a much easier course. When I went to enter 76 into the handicap system, the computer argued with me. I wish I could find that swing again.

Robert D

I have shot 64 twice at River Place CC in Austin TX.

Clint S

65 with the ProV1X...

Alex G

Low Score for me is 68 twice at Balboa Park GC in San Diego (Full bag of Titleist gear)

Low score in competition was 73 at Torrey Pines North

Lou G

Alex G

Low Score for me is 68 twice at Balboa Park GC in San Diego (Full bag of Titleist gear)

Low score in competition was 73 at Torrey Pines North

Haven't played Balboa Park in a long time (about 2010 with the wife on the exec  course; played the 18 hole course once). 


85 with 2 birdies. It's not the best, but so far it is my best. I've been playing about a year and a half.


Andrew A

65.  I knew I had a good round going but no idea that it was that low.  Shot a modest 35 on the front then blew up the back for a 30.  Still have the ball and signed card from the entire group.