2013 TV Spots and Vignettes

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During the Farmers Insurance Coverage this weekend I noticed how considered and markedly different Titleist commercials are to other brands. As everyone is aware, there are quite a number of 2013 equipment releases from numerous brands currently seeing a lot of air time on TV. Titleist seems to be the only one focused on the individual golfer and the personal relationship we have with the game of golf - the hours of practice, perseverance and pursuit of improving 'our' game, to be more accurate and precise, never settling. I thank Titleist for being focused on motivating me to be better - all round.  

This is why I play Titleist.


Ron M.

Ajar.... This is hitting home for me.....I was at a driving range 1 day and a friend showed up with new Titleist clubs...(910/AP1's).

He let me hit them and I felt unworthy....They felt superior to my game and looked to classy for me...From that day I practiced 100's of hours trying to improve so I can justified using them...Now my whole bag is Titleist and I proud to endorse them...I found that they made me a better golfer because of the commitment and not the 168 adjustment's....

Bryant G

i played TM last yr biggest mistake ever thought the white heads were cool got their players irons they felt ok but after i saw the 13 models i wanted to puke i always played titleist. so in the last couple weeks i have sold my driver my three wood and i am about to purchase me ap2's tomorrow custom order and have also recently purchased the new 913 d3 and 913f nicests clubs i have hit solid all around workabily was amazing and just a all around beauty keeping it classy like a tux black an white.