Just Landed! Limited Edition, Tour-Inspired Team Titleist Polos. Look Inside...

Wow, what a great giveaway!  I'll take a Medium Shirt and ProV1 if I win.

LG pro v1x

Medium shirt.  Pro V1x.  Thanks




Great looking shirts. Size medium prov1 balls

Would probably shoot new personal record with my XL and Pro-V1x

Congratulations to all of you that were able to replay so quickly (us dinosaurs still use a pc for emails).

Anyway, my shirt size is Large and golf ball of choice is Pro V1 .

medium, ProV1

This is Ed Strickel in line, on cue, jumping up and down ( if I can jump down). Thanks for the drawing

XL shirt and PRO V1.


Good day, to all at Titlelist. Thanks for this chance to win. I'd like a XXL shirt and Pro V1x golf balls.

L, Pro V1x

Darn, I missed it.......( Just in case size L and Pro V1x  Thanks)

large pro v1x

Need to ammend my comment, not submit this as a second chance. I forgot to enter my shirt size - I wear an XL. Thanks again TT for all of the contest that you allow us to enter for gear and the likes! We all want to show you and our fellow golfers how much respect and pride we have in Titleist!!!!!


Pro V1 !!!