Do i deserve any credit?

Started by : John L |

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John L

So after receiving my TT bag tag. I was looking over the card they sent with it. I noticed a saying on it: "here is to greens and fairways in 2013" or something along that line. Now then you might ask why am i asking if i deserve credit. well anyone that has seen some of my post on here often see me write "cheers greens and fairways to all" for the last two years. I am just wondering if  Titleist staff caught on to that little jingle and made their own version. anyways it was catchy what they wrote and found it humorous that is sounds much like what I've been saying for two years.

Cheers greens and fairways to all



P.S. thanks for the bag tag by the way.

John L

thanks Steve. i just found it humorous when i saw it. thought i would poke a Mike. see if he gives me any credit.