Titleist Apparel store

i want....no i need those white pom pom head covers


Hey Adrian C and Mark L!

Would you be able to post images of your purchases ? :)

I rang them and it seems we cannot make orders over the phone nor online. I have friends over there though that can buy it for me and then send it.

Thanks guys.

Here is a link to their catalog:  http://www.titleist.co.jp/apparel/

I'll try to post pics later.  I received a free sleeve of Japan only Titleist balls with my purchase.  I'm going to try them out tomorrow (weather  permitting) but I know it won't come close to the new ProV1x I've been using.

Adrian C

I've just visited the store! It's fantastic, shirt fabrics are unique and designs are great too.

Bought new ball markers there as well.

How did you make the purchase?  Was it right on-line?  I couldn't find the link to buy anything.



I was wondering the same thing. It would be nice to find out how to order from the apparel store in Japan.  Most of us are lucky enough to travel or work in Japan.  


Hey all at TT,

I just found out that the Tokyo Titleist store may only be temporary - until end of June.

Yes, it does state that on the website that they plan to operate the store until the end of June.  I thought that was weird when I first read it but the only rationale I could come up with is that they are using the store in Tokyo as way of launching the new line and then allow other retailers to carry it.  I was at a golf shop in Osaka last week (Tsuruya) and they were advertising the Titleist clothing line with Feb.19 as their official launch date.  Perhaps if it's a success, they'll keep the store... Just their way of testing the waters.

Marc S



Any chance of sending some insight on the process for ordering? Obviously the site needs translating. Looks like some great gear though. Hope you can help. Thanks

I couldn't find any links for ordering online.  They may be limiting it to in-store purchases for now...

Buyer beware... If you are able to acquire any of this great gear, sizes run extremely small... even for Japan.  I wear a medium back home in the States and had to buy an extra Large.  

Will they export and will they supply larger sizes?  The Japanese market has always had some cool gear...different from what's offered here in the U.S.