If there's ONE course you could play anywhere in the world, which one would it be?

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I would have to say St. Andrews, I would probably lose some balls there,but I would have fun doing it.

Steve H

Wow!!! Great question..... Played St. Andrews,  Pebble, TPC Sawgrass and a couple more.  The one that is on the bucket list and most likely I won't get to play is Augusta Georiga.  Probably ain't going to happen.  Been there for that April sideshow, but haven't been fortunate enough to play. 

Ethan J

Hands Down Augusta National! Home of The Masters, probably the hardest course to get on besides Pine Valley. 

anthony p

Honesty I'd take any of the nice courses!  However, if forced to choose I'd take pine hurst 2.  Looks like a dream and would be fun as heck with the golf buddies


Augusta National - preferably in early April...

Eric P

I would say Pine Valley which I'm hoping to get on since I live an hour away.

Cole W

No brainier, Augusta National!

Ron M.

Augusta National .

Skylar T

It would definitely be Augusta for me because it's just a once in a life opportunity.   Some of the other courses that you guys have listed like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach are public courses so although they are great, you can play them any time even though it would be very costly. 

Dallin H


Augusta National - preferably in early April...


I'm right there with you. Nothing beats August in April.

Mike H

I've played at Oakmont and at Kuai.   And Pebble Beach would be my choice


Dallin H


Augusta National - preferably in early April...


I'm right there with you. Nothing beats August in April.


Austin T

First courses that popped into my head...augusta, st. andrews, pebble beach, whistling straits, medinah, catamount club, and so many more. Pretty hard to pick just one. But I think I would go with St. Andrews since it is the only course that came into mind that is out of the U.S. and I love traveling.


Augusta.  nothing else is close.  but 1a and 1b would be St. Andrews and Pebble Beach.  honestly there are probably 10-15 courses all bunched up in the top of my list, i'd be thrilled to play any of them.

greg p

No question...Augusta National for the tradition, history and exclusivity.  I hope someday to be able to just walk it. 

Fran M

I would say Pine Valley or Augusta....i live a hour away from Pine Valley...hope to play it this year...

Played Winged foot,  Merion, Baultrsol, Aronimink last year..


This is an impossible question to answer, there are so many favorites ... I guess if any course edges its way to #1 for me it would be Pebble Beach ... incredible golf and beauty .... still 100's of other courses would be a close 2nd :)


I would Pick Torry South because its a awesome course and you can play 365. But if I the weather was just as good Augusta would be my pick.

Connor I.

It would have to be TPC at Sawgrass because it would be a great experience to play hole 17.


Cypress Point.  Another Alister MacKenzie gem that looks beautiful!  After that, St Andrews so i could say I played where it started!

Nick T

Bethpage Black!   Drove by it once while visiting New York and thought that course would be a blast to play.   

Cole R

Augusta National, if not there for sure Pebble Beach!!!!

Eric B

Augusta National, my parents live in Georgia. Would like to play Pebble Beach again.

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John J

Augusta!!!  The week before or after the Masters. 

Chris S

Absolutely would be Augusta for me! ;)

 Chris S


I've played TPC Sawgrass - Stadium Course...I parred #17 (what a great experience, played it 2 weeks after "The Players")

I've played Disney's Magnolia, the day before they closed it for the tournament. That was really cool down the stretch with the TV Towers and grand stands, especially on #18

  1. I would love to play Augusta National, that's number one on the bucket list.

I live about 2 hours south of Augusta  in Savannah, never been to the Masters, so if anyone wishes to grant me some tickets, I would be eternally grateful. My pastor says - "Faith without HINTS, is dead"

        2. Kiawah Islands Ocean Course - that place looks amazing

So, thats it - 1) Augusta National

                       2) Kiawah Island

...and if you want to give me tickets TO the Masters....hit me up, I'm public


Todd T

Cypress Point, I'm a Cali boy!

Zach Z

I would love to have the opportunity to play Agusta... It would be amazing to be able to say you played the same course as the Masters!


In the USA, Augusta National. In the UK, either Royal Troon or Turnberry Ailsa

Lefty FPL

Wow tough question played St Andrews  Old and New,  Carnoustie , Kings Barns , Pebble  but  I would have to say one course  Augusta  would get my vote

James B

St Andrews , thats at the top of my bucket list :-)

Fred C

Augusta National or Cypress Point because it's probably NEVER going to happen. I can still dream though.

Shawn M

That is a great question....... The one I have always thought about if ever given the chance would be Pebble Beach. Augusta National in mid April would be just perfect or Carnoustie Golf Links with Open Conditions. Then let's not forget about The Kiawah Island Ocean Course or Royal Melbourne.  To just pick one, I could care less just take me there.


Pebble Beach.

Mike P.

Augusta National. Period. 

Josh G

Yeah... like everyone else has said, Augusta. 

I'd put Riviera up on that list too

Henry R

There are so many great courses to choose from. Augusta is an obvious favorite along with St Andrews and Pebble. I also think that playing the Olympic club or Congressional would be a lot of fun.

Kevin O

Augusta no doubt.  The prestige and mystique about actually playing there, not just watching, is enough for me if I could actually choose any course.  I think it would be worth it just for the visual beauty!  The Masters is the true start of spring/golf season for me (I live in Minnesota so the golf season has a little later start than others on TT).