If there's ONE course you could play anywhere in the world, which one would it be?

Wow tough question played St Andrews  Old and New,  Carnoustie , Kings Barns , Pebble  but  I would have to say one course  Augusta  would get my vote

St Andrews , thats at the top of my bucket list :-)

Augusta National or Cypress Point because it's probably NEVER going to happen. I can still dream though.

That is a great question....... The one I have always thought about if ever given the chance would be Pebble Beach. Augusta National in mid April would be just perfect or Carnoustie Golf Links with Open Conditions. Then let's not forget about The Kiawah Island Ocean Course or Royal Melbourne.  To just pick one, I could care less just take me there.

Pebble Beach.

Augusta National. Period. 

Yeah... like everyone else has said, Augusta. 

I'd put Riviera up on that list too

There are so many great courses to choose from. Augusta is an obvious favorite along with St Andrews and Pebble. I also think that playing the Olympic club or Congressional would be a lot of fun.

Augusta no doubt.  The prestige and mystique about actually playing there, not just watching, is enough for me if I could actually choose any course.  I think it would be worth it just for the visual beauty!  The Masters is the true start of spring/golf season for me (I live in Minnesota so the golf season has a little later start than others on TT).