What kind of accessories do you have on the Outside of your bag?

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I have 3 bag tags1 Wake Forest, 1 USGA and another to remind me of a golfing friend that passed away last year, it is from his favorite school, Clemson. 3 towels1 Titleist,1 Wake Forest and another from a tournament some friends and I won, 2 Titleist Valuable Pouches,1for balls, ball markers and repair tools and another for my money,keys and other stuff when I play. I have a Wake Forest umbrella also.

Christian J

Wow sweet!  Where did you get that cover?

Cole W

FJ ambassador bag tag, home course bag tag, usga tag, FJ towel, club brush

Ron M.

Thats awesome Steve...

I have a Titleist micro towel,TT bag tag,USGA tag,Scotty Dog towel ring

Chris S

Steve H

I guess his technically counts as outside of my golf bag......

That is Sweet Steve! Where did you get that cover? Thanks

Chris S


Team Titleist Bag Tag

Brush to clean my clubs

Would love a Team Titleist Towel (on my wish list) using a generic towel for now

Scotty Cameron Dog Carabiner to hold my towel

Dallin H

I have two bag tags: My Foot Joy Ambassador Tag and one from The Phoenician.  I carry two towels - one for cleaning balls after each hole and the other to clean my clubs.  I also have a scrubber to get the grooves clean on my Vokey Wedges.  Everything else I keep inside my bag.

Connor I.

how do you get sent a Team Titleist bag tag? thanks, Connor.

Steve H


The Titleist phone cover for the iPhone is on esty.com. In the search enter Titleist handmade....and enjoy.  Comes from china, takes about a week to get free ship and it's $18.00.  It's a bit slippery, so be careful.  

Lou G

Surefit tool inside the shoe section of the bag

Chicago Bears headcovers on the driver, putter and 34 hybrid

Chicago Bears golf towel.

Bear Down, Chicago Bears!

Connor I.

Connor I.

 I have a frogger golf towel, a frogger club brush, my bushnell tour v2, and hoping to find a team titleist bag tag in the mail to match my titleist bag.

Greg E

4 bag tags...  Team Titleist, USGA, FSGA (Florida State Golf Assn) and Lone Palm Golf Club (Lakeland Florida).  And a double canopy Titleist umbrella.  Range finder and Sure-Fit tool are in the bag....

Nick T

An old white bath towel draped over my black Titleist stand bag for cleaning my 712 AP2's

a couple old bag tags from outings

a double canopy Titleist umbrella (if needed)


Team Titleist Bag Tag, 2 towels, and Busnell Range Finder.  I would love to earn a Titleist Hole-in-One Tag this year. 

Michael B

I have my FJ Ambassador & USGA bag tags, a brush for my clubs and 2 towels, one wet, one dry.