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Any ideas as to what kind of a tool I need to stamp my own letters into my vokeys?



You have a few options:

1. You can send them in to Wedgeworks for their wedge services.

2. If you're wanting to DIY, 1/8" is typically used for the stamping.  The Tour Van uses Young Brothers stamps (sharper better stamps).  I made the mistake of buying cheaper stamps to do my wedges.  Then use Elmer's paint pens and fill the stamping, then wipe with acetone on paper towel 

Stamping/painting is the only thing I'll try on my own.  If I need anything else done on one of my Vokeys... they are headed for Wedgeworks!

Ruben A

If you go the DIY route, practice on a club you don't care about until you get it right.  It may seem simple, but there's a bit of technique involved.

Carlo Angelo

Tried doing my own wedge works... Painting was no problem. The stamping is tricky... Good thing I practiced first on an old oil can Vokey. They seem to be harder metal...

Carlo Angelo

Did some more wedge working.  Now this is the real thing, current wedges SM4 48*, 52* and 58*

Chris Hatem

What size/model/manufacturer stamps did you use there?  My feeling is that 1/8" is too small and that 3/16" is too big! But it looks like you got something in the middle.



Chris Hatem

oops, I meant between 1/8" and 5/16"...