Team Titleist polo and Pro v1x giveaway

Started by : Gary T |

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Gary T

Thanks Team Titleist!

Henry C

Awesome! Congratulations on a great prize package! 



Go Team Titleist....



Greg M

Wow awesome FJ gear. Love TT. Won't use anything but Titleist clubs n pro v1x

Greg M

Congrats! Love team titleist!!

Tom S.

WOW!!! XMAS Came early!!Luck Dog!!Congrates!

Tom S.

I love the TT on the balls!!!If If I won, they wouldnt even be played....Not all of them anyways!!LOL Congrates!

John J

Congrats!  Team Titleist knows how to spoil those winners!

Christian J

Christian J

Looks like my post didn't go through the first time.  I just got my shirt and balls the other day and have to say I love them!  Its hard to tell from the picture, but the reason it took so long was because Joe went out of his way and let me get custom #12 golf balls!  Also I'm currently in DC and will definitely be rocking this polo to the play we go to on Friday!  Thanks again Titleist!

Christopher K

Sweet Swag!

Samuel C

Brian D

Congrats Gary, I really like that shirt.  Below is the package I was fortunate enough to receive.

That's a sweet polo. Jealous now!!!


I was lucky enough to win one of the shirts as well.  I got the same black athletic fit FJ as pictured above.  Very nice shirt and love having the TOUR look with Titleist and Team Titleist on the sleeves and FJ on the collar.  Thanks again to Joe and Mike for running these sweeps for the community.  It's great to have the opportunity to win amazing products.

James B

Very Nice. Congrats !

Jim A

I not only with to congratulate our TT Member winners, but also comment on the great looking shirts. 

I would love to see them be made available to all TT Members. 

Again, congrats.  I know you wiill wear them with pride.