What is your favorite Titleist club in your bag?

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Connor I.

I am curious to see which Titleist golf club is the most popular, my favorite has to be my Titleist AP2 irons, they are the best irons I have hit. Hope to see what your favorite clubs are.

fred k

tough choice between my 910d3 and studio select newport.  guess i have to go with the scotty.  for me, the studio select has the most balanced weight and feel out of all the camerons i've owned.


Christian J

I love all of my Titleist clubs, my favorite has to be the 60* Vokey though.  I took them out yesterday to the course for the second or third time and chipped in twice with it!  Vokey's are by far the best wedges on the market, and I won't buy another brand of wedges.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Like Christian, I love all of my Titleist clubs. I really can't single one out. And I wouldn't want any of the other clubs to get mad at me...

Steve H

I agree with Mike.  Now, my favorite (I love all of them equally) has to be the 7 Iron.  That is my go to club when the ship is slowing sinking because of dumb mistakes.....


It is kind of hard to say which is my favorate, but my AP2 3 iron has been getting a lot of use. It has been my go to club for tee shots on dogleg holes. It is also a safer choice for me off of the fairway as my 3 wood fairway shots are inconsistant. Very consistant 225 off a tee, and is quickly becoming a scoring iron off the fairway.

Nick P

My Scotty Cameron Button Back Newport 2.  It has been in my bag for 3 years now and it truly has improved my putting.  No plans on ever replacing it.  I sent it in to Scotty and had a simple sight dot put on it. 

Jan-Ivan L

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Like Christian, I love all of my Titleist clubs. I really can't single one out. And I wouldn't want any of the other clubs to get mad at me...

lol.  I like Mike's answer but for me it's gotta be my 54* Vokey TVD SM4.  It's deadly from 100 yds and in and it's very easy to control.  I've been using it for a while now and I haven't had a 2nd thought to replace it.  Just re-grip and go!


I would be right there.  Don't want the other clubs to get jealous.... but if everyone can keep a secret it'd be a tie between my 56.11 (Bent to 55.10) SM4 wedge and my Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.

I stamped this wedge in honor of my soon to be 3 year old daughter (first DIY stamping so not great but it was decent!)

andy r

I would have to say my 56* SW, its the only wedge I have played that no matter the lie I have in the bunker I am always able to get spin on every bunker shot.

It is also great for the delicate chips and pitches around the green.

It has to be my Scotty Newport Select. He and I are finally getting to know each other.

Joshua L

I really love my 906f2, I can't seem to take it out of my bag. I also love my Scotty Cameron Newport. 

I like all of my Titleist clubs but I don't see myself pulling that putter or 3 wood out of the bag for anything new anytime soon.

Mike C

I have to agree with the group that all of my Titleist clubs are great; however, my Vokey TVD 60 degree wedge is by far my favorite, hands down.  This is the most versitle club that I have ever played with.  Great turf interaction and the ability to crank the club face open for high flop shots and also close it down to run shots out makes it extremely useful in all sorts of situations. 

Francesco F

I'm battled between my PT585h and the 8 iron of my ZB...


But I love them all of course!

Barry O

Having all Titleist equipment in the bag, I'd say that I love all of my clubs too! If I had to single out one club in my bag, it would have to be my 910h 24* with which I got my first hole in one with not long after putting it in my bag! The next would no doubt be my Scotty Newport 2.6 putter, (Money)!

Chris S

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Like Christian, I love all of my Titleist clubs. I really can't single one out. And I wouldn't want any of the other clubs to get mad at me...

My bag has been full of Titleist equipment for over ten years mow. I hit other clubs all the time and if I found one I liked it would be in my bag. I always go with Titleist because it feels and performs the best for me.

I also love ALL of my Titleist clubs, Even the old ones I don't use anymore;)

Chris S

Connor I.

I agree with you Mike, titleist makes the best golf clubs equally.

Skylar T

Has to be my 58* pokey sm4

David S

Love my Titleist DTRs. Had them since 1991. They turned me into a life-long believer in Titleist. My 4-iron is my go-to club on the tee when i have bad feelings about my driver. I don't even know if they are USGA compliant any more.


Mike B

It would have to be my Scotty Cameron California Coronado. 


Has to be my new 913D!  But like all of you love all my clubs!


If I would really like to insult the rest of the clubs in my bag, it would bea tie between my PW and 8 iron. Those 2 have never let me down.

Ron M.

I love my 910D2 so much that I hope the Tee points to me on the 1st ...But I also fing myself targeting the 100 yd marker so I can use my 3/4 52*sm4 to go flag hunting....And then tap in with my Select 1.5....Ok I love them all :) ....


Love all my Titleist clubs, but if I had to choose it would be my 910F 15 degrees and AP2 712 7 iron.

Kevin H

I like many others have to say I like all of my Titleist clubs.  Really fond of my Scotty Cameron Newport Two Pro Platinum putter and love to hit my hybrid.  But then I have three (3) Vokey wedges that I really like too . . . humm, tough to say which is my favorite.


My Scotty Cameron California Hollywood.  Great putter!

matt P

My favorite has the 910f 15 degree.. Got it last year and love it

philip g

My cb 710 PW. With it my hands I know the ball is going to be close to the hole 

Don O

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Like Christian, I love all of my Titleist clubs. I really can't single one out. And I wouldn't want any of the other clubs to get mad at me...

My father-in-law had 5 daughters, what I learned from him is - they are all my favorite clubs...

I did try, but if I'm 130 yards out, it's that club.  If I'm 165 on a par 3, it's that one for that distance.  With the possible exception of a 17 FW off of the deck, they have my full faith and confidence..

Todd T

My 009!

Dylan C

My favorite club has to be my 64 degree black nickel wedge. I love it

Ryan A

My Cameron hand stamped, center shaft, JAT 2 tour putter.

Trevor A

I have a strong love for my 906f2 13 degree 3wood. It bombs the ball and looks so nice! I also cant get over the feel, spin, versatility of my 58 degree Vokey. But I enjoy my 735 cm irons also, so much love for all my Titleist clubs!

scott a

Kind of like picking your favorite child. My Scotty Newport (Scotty Jr.) is a killer though. The bond is a little stronger:).

Scott Sr.



Matt K

My favorite club is my new 913f 15 degrees i hit straight 240 yards every time

Chris E

Love my Scotty Select Newport 2 and my 910D3 and my 54 Vokey and my 712 MB 8 iron and my....

Christopher K

Favorite club would have to be my 56.11 Vokey wedge, but my AP2 710 7-iron is a close second, followed by my Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Laguna 2.5

Bret P

It's hard to say, but there is a close tie between my scotty Cameron California Sonoma putter and my 755 irons. 

Eric B

Right now it's between my 910D2 driver and my 52 degree Vokey wedge but my SC Newport 2 putter is coming on strong.
Eric -
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Like Christian, I love all of my Titleist clubs. I really can't single one out. And I wouldn't want any of the other clubs to get mad at me...

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greg p

My 8 iron and Scotty Red X.   The dynamite duo has saved me many a day.

dave p

I would definitely say it has to be my Vokey 56 ,SM4 wedge!!! I can get out of anything with it! This is my 5th Vokey and can't imagine a shot inside 100 yds without it! Do other companies make wedges? I don't know......no reason to look!!!!

Tony C

I would have to say my favorite club would have to be my Scotty Cameron Studio Select. As they say, drive for show putt for dough!

Henry C

My wife's birthday present to me was a custom fit for a new Titleist driver to replace my old and faithful 975J-VS. The result of the custom fit is a New 913 D2 with a 9.5 degree loft and a Diamana 72x5ct S shaft.

What can i say? Titleist has my "WOW" factor in golf!


Vokeys......52/08, 58/06, 62/07

Best clubs in the game (Period) - Hit it and Stick it!!!!



David C

I love all of them.  I just found some original project x satin spined shafts for my old 962's and they are so sweet that i can't pick one.  If I had to it would probably be the scotty cameron laguna 1.5 that I just pulled out of the box after work today.  I can't wait to putt with this thing...


Dallin H

I love all my wedges, but I would have to go with my 60* if I had to select a favorite. It means I'm close to the green and I always hit it really well.

Nick T

The 910D3 driver and the Vokey wedges.   I had the best driving year once I started using the 910D3.  

Vokey wedges are superior to any other.  Very solid and the sole shape fits my game. 

Still love all my other Titleist gear but these two products made the most improvement in my scores.