What is your favorite Titleist club in your bag?

I love all of them.  I just found some original project x satin spined shafts for my old 962's and they are so sweet that i can't pick one.  If I had to it would probably be the scotty cameron laguna 1.5 that I just pulled out of the box after work today.  I can't wait to putt with this thing...


I love all my wedges, but I would have to go with my 60* if I had to select a favorite. It means I'm close to the green and I always hit it really well.

The 910D3 driver and the Vokey wedges.   I had the best driving year once I started using the 910D3.  

Vokey wedges are superior to any other.  Very solid and the sole shape fits my game. 

Still love all my other Titleist gear but these two products made the most improvement in my scores.