Passed PGA PGM Qualifying Test

I just would like to share that I recently passed the PGA PGM Qualifying Test... I also got the PAT Qualifying Score a few months ago.  Now all I need to do is find a "PGA Recognized Facility" that will take me, so I can officially register for PGA PGM Apprenticeship Program.

Anybody else doing the same thing?  Would like to exchange notes...


Congratulations Carlo! Hope you find the position you are looking for soon.

Chris S

Hey Carlo, congrats! I am currently in level 3, attending my final seminars in March. You will be able to log in at and look for jobs throughout the US. Good luck and if you need anything or have any questions, hit me up. I've worked hard at it, should be done withig 3 years of registering. Stay committed, be disciplined!
Sean Porter

I'm going to do this in two years after I go to a Community College to golf.  I have some questions for you.  What was it like?  How hard was it?  How long did it take? etc.  Best of luck!  BTW, what PGM program did you go to?

Hey Christian,

It's very informative. You learn A LOT about the golf industry. It prepares you well. It's not hard, material wise, but the work experience workbook is very time consuming and tedious. There are 3 trips to Florida for seminars, pricey, but fun. There is a 36 acre practice facility across the parking lot from the hotel and it's free all week. Great place to practice. Bring your clubs!!! You have 2 years for each level, there are 3 levels, and 8 years to gain PGA membership. I have worked very hard and should be done by summers end. I will be finished within 3 years of registering. I am in PGA PGM 2.0. Everyone that enters now is in that program. From what I hear, the new program is far less intense than the old one. Good luck and hope this helps. Anything else, please let me know. I'm hear for anyone in the program or thinking about it. I can answer just about anything pertaining to the program.



Hi Cristian;

Are you gonna be playing competitive golf in college? That will eventually help you when you take the PAT, make your game sharper. Dedication to your game will be very important for the PAT.

As for the Qualifying Test, overall it was fine.  As long as you study the 3 courses very well you'll be alright.  The test was 90mins, i took it in about 60mins taking my time.  Still had time to review my answers.  About your last question on PGM Program I went to... I am taking the PGA PGM Apprentice Program not the University one.  Hope it helps.  Hit me up as well if you have more questions, I'll try to answer them based on what I am going and will be experiencing.

Thanks again.


Congratulations! I wish you further success

Thanks Sean for all the info.  One quick thing though, you said everyone is now accepted into it?  At UNL you have to have a 12 handicap in order to get it.  I was just surprised at that, but I guess then everyone can enjoy the game we love!  

Best of luck to you in the future! 

Christian Jorgensen

Thanks Chris.  Keeping the fingers crossed on the job hunting.

Happy golfing.


Thanks Geoffrey.  But my ultimate dream is still to play in the PGA Tour... don't we all.  Hardwork and dedication I have... its the natural ability and luck I'm missing.  Hahaha