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Cole R

Hey, i was wondering how i could get/purchase some team titleist gear. For example i would love to have a sticker or lanyard or bag tag to help represent titleist. 

I currently game Titleist 913 driver and woods, 712 AP1's and Vokey Sm4 wedges. I also play ProVx's and rock a beautiful red titleist bag.

I would love to help represent Team Titleist. 

Let me know!



Bad news Cole...unfortunately, Titleist does not sell TT gear.  Your best chances are to get involved in discussions and forums, and one day you'll be rewarded.  There are also sweepstakes where you can win some awesome Titleist gear.

Best of Luck!!

Brian D

Hi Cole, welcome to Team Titleist.  The best advice I can give to you related to your qeustion is to stay active on the community.  Add positive commentary when and where possible, participate in contests, make some friends on the community, and most of all enjoy what you will see for comments, advice, and forums.


Best of luck and welcome,


Rick S


Cole R
I would love to help represent Team Titleist. 

Let me know!


Well first you would submit your candidacy to the Titleist Regional Election Board for the Titleist House of Representatives, and then campaign for election. It is done by plurality, so whoever receives the most votes in your region gets elected.


Or you could just post a bit and they may send you some stuff from time to time.'s a great site.  Not sure how many members there are, but I haven't been around all hat long, and already I've  received a TT bag tag and a sleeve of  test balls.  Very nice.  Now I'm just waiting for my official TT 712U to arrive!

Just kidding, of course, but it would be cool....

Charles W

I have had pretty good luck at my local Titleist Dealer, for instance I purchased a new 913D2 and got a free sleeve of Pro V1s and a really nice Titleist Ball Marker.  I know this was totally on the golf shop and not a deal from Titleist but it was a good expression from the owner.  Today I bought some new AP2's and the owner (while looking at my Titleist heavy bag) said "you are all in for Titleist" and handed me a key lanyard that he had been using...  

I have also received a bag tag and test balls from team Titleist which I was happy to display at the course..

Cole R

Thanks guys for all your help!!!! I can hopefully receive some of this awesome Team Titleist gear in the future! Thanks for clearly everything up!!!



Just be active.  Titleist is the best company in golf and will randomly send you stuff (i.e. bag tag or balls).  They really know how to treat their loyal fans.  I always joke with my buddies who play other brands and get nothing in return except a notice that their new equipment is obsolete after 6 months!

Cole R

Haha!! very true! Titleist is a different kind of business where they actually CARE about their customers, and want them to stay loyal with them. That is probably makes the one of the most successful and in my opinion the best!

Chris K

Just by getting active you can get some really cool TT gear! I got a sweet bag tag that I didn't even know I was getting. It was a nice surprise to say the least. 

Jeff Y.

hey chris, i was just reading your post and noticed you received some great gear from TT, was after a lot of posts on the forum or was it just a basic replys on your part you think.

Nick E

Welcome to TT and good luck, they say surprises arrive when you least expect them


My daughter is a 14yr old freshman playing on the varsity high school golf team.  She has a Titleist passion like me.  She's snagged all my vokey sm4's, scotty cameron golo s, many things from my bag......... SHE IS NOT GETTING MY TEAM TITLEST BAG TAG !!!

jim k

i got an envelope in the mail last week from TT. it had all the TT swag in it. it was really cool and totally out of the blue. i try to post in different discussions but i do believe it is just random. i was a pretty cool surprise though!!!  thanks TT

Robert S

She will be more proud to earn her own!

Greg Plumlee

and randomly they will send you some unmarked golf balls to test .     They are my favorite.  

Matt H

Welcome to Team Titleist! All comments are very helpful. Being active on discussions, blogs, etc. will help a great deal. I am also very loyal to Titleist with 710 AP2 irons, SM4 wedges, 910H hybrid (21°) and 910F fairway metal (15°). Also, participating in the occasional sweepstakes gives yourself an opportunity to win a lot of great gear too!! Take care and hit em' straight! Matt

Rex F

I have only been a member of TT for 5 months...Have received a nice lanyard and TT bag tag... Not sure why but they are great... Thanks BUBBA @ TT

Ty Webb

This community is more about comradery than free swag. Stick around, contribute and when you least expect may indeed receive a package from the good folks at Acushnet.

Jeff Y.

Really, that sounds great, tried to get into something like this in Germany but the language barrier was too much of a hassle at best. Well Im glad I'm here and plan on posting and reading everyones new insights in the TT profile and game advances.

Hit em long, Hit em straight 

Jeff Y.