Rip Phenom Anybody?

Anyone playing the rip phenom in their Driver? Seems like the diamana stock options get all the love and i hardly hear the phenom talked about or reviewed. Anybody have any comments on this shaft? Thinking of trying one out.

I have the Phenom in my 913D3. I love the shaft and it is probably the best i have hit for distance. It was a touch softer than expected, so I am getting mine tipped .5 to compensate. I always recommend going to a fitter and trying a few different shafts. There are so many options  and it is difficult buying with only using the specs as info. I have a Motre in my 13.5 and a few diamana's are on my shelf in the garage. I prefer the distance of the RIP and the forgivness of the Motre go to 3 wood... I haven't been able to hit the diamana in a x stiff so I cant really compare them. 


Playing it in the Driver (RIP 60) and the 13.5 Fairway (RIP 80 Phenom) and the same in the 17 degree.  Love them very much. This is the second driver I have it in.  BTW...these are the new 913.. Don't forget the best advise is to get professionally fitted.  

I use the RIP Alpha 60 not the Phenom but I wasn't even thinking of the RIP but after getting fit it was the right shaft for my swing.