Iron Head Covers

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Christopher V

Hello Titleist,


After spending a boat load buying all new Titleist AP1 Irons, 913 driver and fairway woods, and scotty cameron putter, I definitely would like to protect my gear.  Any chance Titleist will be coming out with iron head covers?? :-)


Thanks for your consideration!



David C

I second that!  I refuse to buy after market iron covers but, if titleist were to come out with some.  That would be a different story all together.

Fred C

Chris, if Titleist doesn't, you might consider having some made. My wife made me a set from heavy wool that slip over the irons like a sock. You won't find any dings on my irons.

Cole R

I wish!! That would be so awesome. I have been looking for 2 months now about getting some iron headcovers for my 712 Ap1's as well. I think i finally found a pair that wasnt super expensive and seemed pretty nice. They also have the titleist color scheme.

Good Luck!!

Christopher V

Thanks fellas!  Hopefully we can persuade Titleist to cave to our obsession for their products! Lol


I would definitely get iron head covers from Titleist if available!

George B


A quick Google found this site, pity it's in the States.



Dallin H

I would love to see some Titleist iron would even be great to have some Team Titleist headcovers too.

Michael H

I've tried several different Iron head covers, and I have to say, the FaceSavers P.L.U.S. are by far, the best iron head covers available.  The others would end up lost, as they didn't 'connect' to the club at all.  These are affordable, durable, and do the job very well.  The first set I bought ten years ago, and (other than losing the 8) are still serving faithfully. 

Wouldn't bother buying any other.

Fred C

Dallin, if you noticed my iron covers when we played today, I found them on ebay. The have a clear "window" on the toe that allows you to read which club is under them. They are neoprene foam and really keep them clubs from getting dinged up.