Do you remember the first golf club you ever hit?

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The first club I ever hit was a 2 iron, I found it along with some golf balls and started hitting it in the field beside my house. I only had a few balls so I would hit it from one end of the field to the other trying to learn to hit this club. Eventually I was hitting it pretty good and my dad got me a used set of clubs and the rest is history.


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The first clubs I used were my dads set of 1971 Wilson Staff blades.  I was 8 or so and would beat golf balls around the yard.

My first set of clubs were Ben Hogan blades when I was 10. My dad cut them down for me and taught me to play.  I have been hooked on golf since.


Brian M

First real club after the large plastic green one was a MacGregor PW of my fathers.  I would watch my father practice chipping from the front yard to the back yard over the house.  One day I thought I could do the same thing.  I grabbed his PW and a ball headed to the back yard to hit the ball over the house.  That didn't work out too well as the ball only made it through the window, on the first floor.  This was one of so many windows that needed to be replace.  After the shot was heard through the house, my father said, "at least you kinda got the ball up."

Brian J

The first club I ever hit was my father-in-law's pitching wedge.  Just doing some chipping in the back yard.  I've played sports all my life left handed and his clubs were all right handed.  Surprisingly had some decent touch but I soon found out once I picked up the game I was going to play left handed.  I was hooked after that day!  Haven't looked back since. 

James B

The first golf club I ever used was a cheesy putter at the local putt putt when I was a kid    :-)



Eric B

It was my father putter in Wahiawa, Hawaii at a Military course in 1971. I remember I sunk a putt across the entire practice green.

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Nick P

I had a red, junior 5 wood that belonged to my older sister.  McGregor, I want to say.  After the 86 Masters (the first time I had ever watched golf), my dad took me out to play.  I hit that 5 wood on a 110 yard par 3, put it on, and 2 putted for par.  I was hooked.  27 years later, I think of what that day meant to me, my dad, and the world of golf when The Bear came out of hibernation.


First golf club I ever hit was a crappy range driver at the driving range.

John L

I couldn't tell you witch specific club. but i do remember it being my fathers Macgregor jack nicklaus golden bear iron. in fact i still have them. but my first set was a jr. set of wilsons

Brett H

First clubs I hit and owned were a pair of wedges. I couldn't afford a whole set at the time, so I took the advice of a friend who suggested I get wedges because I could hit them almost anywhere. 

52* and 56* cleve's 

Mike P.

It was a 5-iron when me and my uncle snuck onto a golf course with his dog and played a loop of 2 holes with only that club.

James f

they were some cheap plastic Aviva golf clubs with black shafts and green heads. my neighbor got them for me when i was like 3 or 4. used to hit the yellow foam balls around the yard all day. then i found a real ball and tried to hit it and broke the head off.

Nick T

I beat up pitching wedge off a tee.   

Dallin H

I remember raiding my dad's set of clubs in the early 90's. All I remember was that they were Wilson blades and the woods were actually woods.  I remember stealing some of his orange golf balls (Spalding) and hitting them at the park. He had a few Titleist balls, but I was too scared to take those.

Johnny C

My first club was a png zing2 club. I just couldnt hit anything for the life of me.

gordon e

Wilson Staff Dynapower irons and a cut down Tommy Armour Ironmaster putter. Still have the putter


As a lefty, clubs were few and far between for me. My father had a friend who was played left-handed. In his garage were a barrel of old clubs. My dad was able to get his friend to allow me to rummage through the barrel for a few clubs. An old Spaulding (I think) mid iron, in a wood shaft.  Yes, a wood shaft.  I started playing with this club and a few others. Old persimmon woods too.  I actually credit my swing tempo to starting out with these old shafts and heads. Glad that technology has changed things though.


Although it was not a Titleist, because at that point in my life I knew nothing about friends bought me a cally Big Bertha War Bird driver.  As I got more into it, I bought png Zing II set of irons and a TM Bubble Shaft Burner driver.  Later, I got some Lynx Black Cat Irons...then I woke and got some Titleist DCI 762B which had to be my best set of irons I've had ..then I moved into the original AP2's in '08 and just recently got some 712 AP2's which are some awesome clubs.