Do you remember the first golf club you ever hit?

I remember raiding my dad's set of clubs in the early 90's. All I remember was that they were Wilson blades and the woods were actually woods.  I remember stealing some of his orange golf balls (Spalding) and hitting them at the park. He had a few Titleist balls, but I was too scared to take those.

My first club was a png zing2 club. I just couldnt hit anything for the life of me.

Wilson Staff Dynapower irons and a cut down Tommy Armour Ironmaster putter. Still have the putter

As a lefty, clubs were few and far between for me. My father had a friend who was played left-handed. In his garage were a barrel of old clubs. My dad was able to get his friend to allow me to rummage through the barrel for a few clubs. An old Spaulding (I think) mid iron, in a wood shaft.  Yes, a wood shaft.  I started playing with this club and a few others. Old persimmon woods too.  I actually credit my swing tempo to starting out with these old shafts and heads. Glad that technology has changed things though.

Although it was not a Titleist, because at that point in my life I knew nothing about friends bought me a cally Big Bertha War Bird driver.  As I got more into it, I bought png Zing II set of irons and a TM Bubble Shaft Burner driver.  Later, I got some Lynx Black Cat Irons...then I woke and got some Titleist DCI 762B which had to be my best set of irons I've had ..then I moved into the original AP2's in '08 and just recently got some 712 AP2's which are some awesome clubs.