Preseason Workouts

Started by : Brett H |

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Brett H

What's everybody doing to get ready for the golf season?

i know some of you are already in 'full swing' but some of us Northerners are champing at the bit!

I set up a nice indoor hitting net/area in the garage, and started doing CrossFit about a month ago.

Brett H

That snow shovel can wear you out pretty quick!

We just got 12-13 inches of snow yesterday, and they are forecasting another 10 for Monday / Tuesday... Yay me!

Steve H

Never let up from last year....I walk on the treadmill 2-3 miles each day, I hit the resistance bands each morning, the medicine ball, as well as the balance ball.  Tons of "light" free weights, and finish on the recumbent bike.. When you get older, you have to do more.  I also head to the heated driving range like everyone else.  Looking for winter to leave. Our 1st tournament was scheduled for this Friday....that ain't going to happen....