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clayton t

on my AP2 - 710 i have black golf pride grips with Titleist logo  i was wondering can they be ordered? i like to order some keep on hand so when time to replace they still look the same

Chris S


 You can order those grips from your local Titleist pro shop just let them know you want the grips with the Titleist logo.

 Chris S

Tyler H


I would just get the GolfPride Tour Velvet if you aren't too hung up on having Titleist on the grip. I turn all my grips down (logo facing the ground) in the address position, so it isn't worth the extra dollars to have Titleist on them to me.


Tyler hit it spot on! The titleist grip is a Golf Pride tour Velvet. You can save a few $$$ by getting these without the logo. As Tyler points out, most of us install the grips with the logo  down so that it is not seen at address.


Like said above.  The regular GP Tour Velvet is the way to go.  Cheaper and the exact same product.  It doesnt bother me to have the logo up though.