Band for straw style hat

This is a great Idea. I know a few people who would also wear one, or would place a Titleist branded band around the one they currently wear.

i would do what i did and that was go to your local western store and buy a cowboy hat and it works for almost everything

I have 4 straw fedora's that I wear on occasions while golfing, it would be nice to have a Titleist band.

Add me to the list.  After having a melanoma removed I too am looking for a Titleist band for a straw hat

Mark F

Dear Titleist,

After a trip to the skin doctor I'm thinking of starting to wear a straw type hat with a wide brim instead of the typical baseball style.  I know that Titleist offers the "Aussie" style and the "bucket" style but is there a straw style available?  If not, does Titleist have a band that says "Titleist" and could be put around the brim of an over the counter straw hat?  Thanks for any input.

Mark F

Wow. I have a headache after this. Anyways, here you go, right side page, 3rd one down: If you search online, I know you can find one. Just make sure that if you buy online that you're purchasing your goods through an authorized Titleist website. If you don't, you could get a fake, which has been quite common these past few years. Hope that your health gets better. 

I know I am in the minority here on this subject but I do not wear any hat with a manufacture Logo on it unless it was given to me for buying their product. Why should I have to pay to advertise a product by buying a hat. The manufacture should be paying me or give it to me free for playing their product. Yes, I know that everything else below the neck usually has a logo on it so don't even start there. My hats usually will have the name of a golf club (course), a location or nothing. I draw the line at golf manufacture products unless it came with the product I bought as a gift. You would think when you buy a set of clubs or even one club the manufacture would throw in a hat for free advertisement that would maybe cost them just a couple of bucks to make. I have bought golf balls that the company gives you a free hat. OK, I'm done. Just had to rant a little.


From years of playing baseball, I know my head size is larger than average and I wear a fitted cap of 7 5/8 or 7 3/4. I have always wanted to try a straw hat for golf but those "one size fits all" elastic bands are woefully too small. I can only wear the adjustable golf caps with the snaps at the back at their widest setting.

Please consider making straw hats in 2 offerings. One for S,M,L and a second for XL and XXL. Thanking you in advance on behalf of all golfers with jumbo coconuts!


Good points.  But why would you give free advertising to the golf courses?  Have you ever tried to buy any type of apparel lately?  Most of it has a logo.  What's on your shirts?

For that matter, what about your car?  Got a logo or a dealership sticker on that?

I guess I need to clear the courses part up. I try to support my home club by buying merchandise from the pro shop and most of the clothing and hats do carry the club's logo. As far as other items like shirts, pants, automobiles, etc., I addressed that in my opening statement. You just can't hardly buy anything these days without the manufacture logo. When I buy a new car I ask the dealer not to put on one of those stickers or chrome logos unless they want to knock off some more money for advertising. If they want to give me a license plate frame with the dealers name that is OK with me.