Custom Belt Buckles

I am sure there is a copyright on the logo. I would be happy to make some if I were authorized. I wouldn't mind being on titleists payroll. Lol. 

Who ever is in product development I will send one to them for future products, all of us team members would like one. 

I will have a tt, different vokey's, and a couple others worked out also on Monday. Everything looks better in metal!  


In the machine


A distressed look for fun...


Send an email to Mike and see if he can help make the connections for you.  I do really like your work, but I do believe you need to discuss this with Titleist. 

Good luck to you in the endeavor.  I would certainly like to have one.

The first rough draft of a team titleist. Couple things I need to change. I need to change the font for the #teamTitleist and use a different cutting path. I am not crazy about the imperfections on the TT.  The others in the background  are a couple finishes that we were playing with.

For mass production the easiestt/most cost effective way would be to create a cast of the finalized design. I am fairly certain the Vokey belt buckle is make in that fashion.  Correct me if I am wrong... I dont own one... they are out of stock...

Thoughs are really nice.. I would definately take a team titleist one..

I will make a few of them for our member's if someone from titleist says i wont get in trouble.. I will not charge for them... So... 

I will post up a couple idea's and a finalized product, A couple of you said that your would like one possibly with your initial's. Post up a nickname or initials and i will work out something for fun.

Very Nice - Good Job !

Hey Josh,

What does the back side look like? What kind of belt strap do you need for it?

I toured the plastics engineering department at UMass Lowell a couple of years ago and saw them milling plastic molds and couldn't help thinking of belt buckles like what you've shown us.

Nice work!

Pretty neat Josh.  I really like the TT buckle since those are also my initials.  Just some faint red and black highlights would be neat.


Oz, I could see a buckle with TED on it in my future.  Stylized or not.  

My nickname that was given to me is Hack.  My cousin always called me a hack so it just king of stuck.  That would be pretty cool to have a hack belt buckle.  

It will accept any belt that has the loop style. The clasp style is a lot like the Voke buckles.

In this industry we often use plastic or machine wax to test run products. It is far cheaper and easier on tooling. 

For right know i have been machining out the backside, I have also considered rolling it to save setup time.  


I am still working on the best way to make the small  parts for the clasp. For now this is the way the backside looks.  .


HACK - Hilarious, I think that one would be very univeral to all of us on here.

Ted - I will see what I can throw together.

The belt buckles look awesome! Hope you can strike a deal with Titleist

Nice looking buckle. I hope you get the ok to make a few.