When did you get your FIRST set of Titleist clubs?

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I got my first set in 2002,they were a set of blades(I don't remember which model) but I got them at a great price and learned to hit them. I shot my best round ever using them.


First was the DCI's  in the early 90's.  But my favorite set (before my current 712 AP2's) were the 731 PM's.  My first glimpse of a Titleist set was my Dad's Acushnet AC 108's in the 70's. He played those irons until he switched to a "senior" type set a few years ago.

Eric B

Not sure when but my first Titleist set were 762 cavity back inserts. Second set were forged 962 cavity back which is my set in Las Vegas.
I currently use AP2 710 bought in 2011.

Eric B.

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My first Titleist set was a custom fit set of 690MB's 2-PW.  I used those until I was fitted and purchased the AP2 710's.

Great products all around.



I am new to playing Titleist clubs. I got my AP2's in the fall, and then added the wedges. The driver, and putter should arrive today, and I got my 3 wood yesterday. I used to play TM and Adams.


My first set of Titleist irons was in 1981 - a Tour Model 90 forged blade.  Learned the game of golf with those beauties!  I then moved up to the DCI's, then the 735.CM's, and am now gaming the ZB's.  I would love to see another blended set (similar to the 735's and ZB's.  Maybe that is on the drawing board for next year...

Kevin H

Mine was 2009 with the AP2's, 909 D2, 909 F & 909 Hybrid, three Vokey Spin Milled Black Nickel wedges.  I received my Scotty Cameron Newport Two as a gift 4-5 year before the rest of my Titleist clubs.  

The Titleist's were replacing a set of TM RAC blades and older driver and fairway woods.  Very happy with the Titleist set and plan on upgrading to the 913 series of driver, fairway and hybrids in the near future as soon as I can arrange a fitting.  Next will be a new iron set probably with the next generation of the AP-2's.

Christopher K

My first "set" of Titleist irons were the DCI 990's and I got those in the early 00's.  Played them until I purchased my current set of AP2's in '10.  As far as woods, I used to have a 975D, 980F, 983E, and 909D2 prior to my current 910D3 and 910F.  I loved that 980F and carried it in my bag for at least 11 years, if not longer.  13.5 degrees with a steel shaft and it felt great when I flushed one. It was great off the tee and the deck.  I only just replaced it at the end of last season.

I've had my Scotty Cameron Laguna 2.5 for over a decade and I've played Vokey wedges for as long as I can remember.  At this point I can't see myself ever playing equipment from another manufacturer.  Titleist is simply THE BEST!


Forgot to add my Titleist Tour Model irons.  Had a 1-PW in that set.  Then moved to the 690 MB's Forged.  Then to the AP2's

I have been an all Titleist club player for over ten years.  Now thanks to forums like this, we can meet like minded golfers.


Andrew B

Some interesting posts so far - my line up reads like this:

Mid 90's - Second Hand set of Titleist Tour Model Blades

Late 90's - 762's

Early 00's - 990's

Mid 00's - 660's (Should have kept these beauties and had them re-shafted!)

2008 - Original AP2

2013 - Hoping an AP2/CB/MB blend set gets released??

greg p

Titleist/Acushnet   AC's......c. 1973   (Paid $200 for 9 irons -- which was a week's pay)  They were among the first game improvement clubs.  Wish I still had them.

Tour 821      c.1983

Tourblade   c. 1988

DCI Black     1993    (Still play these on occasion.  Absolutely great clubs.)

AP1               2008   (Best of the lot)


Played my high school/college golf with a $100 set Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge (9 irons 'n' 3 woods. )   And also, in the '80's, mixed in a set of Wilson FG17's. 


Used a few different DCI models and other manufacturers in the 1990s and 2000s, but have been 100% Titleist since getting a set of 735.CMs around 2006 or 2007?  Since then I've had AP2s.


DCI Oversize Black (used for 300 I think) in 1996 or 1997.  First set of irons and finally moved to AP1's a few years ago.


Set of 710 AP1 irons.  Since then the whole bag has been converted to Titleist!

matt s

1994 dci blacks, 2002 762's, 2010 710CB's

Lou G

FIrst ever Titleist clubs were 975D driver,975F 16.5 and 20.5 fairways and 258-12 Tour Chrome wedge in 2007. 


First set I ever played with was a cally X-16 that my father gave me.  Didn't like them so I bought the 822OS as a starter set in the early 200.

Ever since the 822OS, I stuck with Titleist and now I have the AP-1 710.

2013 mid-season - upgrading to AP-2

Mike P.

Last year i bought one of my dads friends AP2's, and they have been great to me.

Ryan D

My first set of Titleist clubs I got when I was about 15, which was about 2001.  A set of the DCI 981, which I still have to this day.  great irons.  I also had two 975D's, one with a graphite shaft and another I inherited from a guy I caddied for (steel shaft and an 8.5 degree loft, great combination, haha).  I then moved to the 905R, then the 909D2 and now currently the 910D3 (Im back to the 8.5 degree).  Replaced the DCI's with the original AP2's, and now play a combo set of the CB (4-7) and MB (8-PW).  I will always be a Titleist player ever since I got those DCI's.

Aaron S

My first set is actually tomorrow!  Switching over to the AP1s and they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 3/15.

I feel like a kid at Christmas time as I have been wanting to make the move for over a year now.

Can't wait!

Kevin Y

I was actually considering posting a similar topic the other night when I realized I have owned a model out of almost every metalwood line since the 975 Series.  I'm sad to say that I haven't upgraded since the 909 lines; but I hope to at least get a 913 D3 in there soon.  Here goes my list of firsts (qualification:  I began playing competitve golf in the spring of 2000 when I was in high school).

Driver:  975D, 9.5 (2000)

Fairway Wood:  975F, 14.5 (2000)

Irons:  DCI 990, 2 - PW (2001)

Wedges:  Raw 200 Series, 52.08 and 60.08 - guessing on bounce here - (2000)

Putter:  Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2.5 (2002)

Just for Fun:  Ball:  Professional 90 after playing the HP Eclipse starting out


This topic has made me realize how anxious I am getting waiting for the arrival for my new 712 MBs.


Fred C

1976 - Titleist AC-108's and Titleist laminated woods with burgundy stain. They were gorgeous.


I believe it was summer of 2011, 710 AP2

joe c

my first set of Titleist irons were in the early 90's with the DCI series.. I remember they were the Blacks as they had minimal offset compared to the Gold DCI's..Those irons were money and being a cast club at that they were fairly soft.

I also had a set of the 982 or 682 B's  don't remember the numeral configuration which were a tour model for the players on tour.

No offset with a very small cavity back. They were played by David Duval when he was on staff..



Im only a high schooler but ill never forget when I fell in love with Titleist. i got a chance to hit a 909 driver my freshman year and Ive been starting on getting all Titleist clubs since. Winter 2011 I purchased a 910D2 and played with it so much that it cracked, it was a great driver. Along with the driver i bought 3 new Vokeys. Next was the summer of 2012. New set of 712 MB's 5-pw and 712 AP2 4 and 5 iron. then short after a 909F and a 910H. November 2012 led to a new 913D2.Then obviously, everyone has to have a new Cameron;) Christmas 2012 led to a new Scotty Cameron California Monterey. Then today i recieved my new Vokey SM4's for a birthday present. Lastly, I just ordered a new premium 14 way stand bag with a custom double strap. Ive worked so hard to get the money for all these things but they are so worth it. So happy to be supporting a full set of the greatest clubs known to man. Im only 17 and even i have already figured that out;)

David C

late 1995 I got a set of DCI 962's before the 962 was imprinted on the club.  Since then I have added a set of 962B's.  I did upgrade the shafts in both to project x.  They are awesome irons and i will be buried with them.  I am getting to old for blades but, your 712mb's are wanting to have an affair with me and I might just buckle.  She's a sweet looking lady with that satin finish...

Michael W

In the mid 90's, I had a set of DCI's (gold). Though not my favorite set of irons they were very good. Had them stolen out of the trunk of my car in MY driveway! But I have been a Titleist woods loyalist. I have been eyeing the few available pics of the new forged blades, and am quite anxious to get them in my hands for a demo.

I have had many of the models since the mid 90's with only a few exceptions. I don't tend to jump to new clubs just because something new comes along. I am playing quite well with my 910 D3 9.5* driver and 910F 4 wood. My 3 wood is a Pro Trajectory (forget the #). No likely to jump on the 913's any time soon; didn't really hit it much better during a fitting than the 910.

Francisco B

Got fitted last week picking up 1st real set of clubs Ap2 here I come!!!

Todd T

710 CBs in Dec 2010!


I've been playing Vokey wedges since the early 2000's but didn't get my first set of irons until 2008 which were the original AP2's with project x 5.5 shafts. Loved those clubs but got fitted into a project x 6.0 early last year and made the switch to 712 MB's with the right shaft for me in them. Best clubs I've ever owned.


Daniel Rimmelzwaan

My first experience with Titleist was in April 2009 on vacation at Turtle Bay where they had AP1s as rental clubs (and Vokey wedges and Scotty putter and Titleist woods) and I REALLY liked playing with them. I had just purchased my first set of clubs two years prior to that and I wanted to become a little better before switching.

My wife got me 710 AP1s and a 19* H for my bday in 2011 and i had already put Vokey wedges in my bag earlier that year. Early 2012 i traded in my drums for a Scotty CA Del Mar and for Christmas 2012 she also got me a 15* 910F. The only non Titleist club is my TM supertri and I keep my old swoosh 5w to hit from crappy lies