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Massimo R

Hi everyone,

as a Team Titleist member, I'd like to know what I have to do to receive a Team Titleist Bag Tag for my new S82 bag.

Massimo R

So Ty, do you mean I only need to wait????

Stephen V

I havne't received mine either? Would love to sport one on my golf bag! :) Thanks Titleist.

One Putt

I am not sure how often they send them out although if you post a lot Ive heard that u sometimes receive one in the mail.....

Michael W

I'd Love to get one too.


I've read posts that say to contribute on the website until you are noticed. A couple others seemed to indicate that they might arrive on or near one's birthday. I'm hoping to get one too so let me know if you get a definitive answer 


I'm also still waiting for mine.

Mike P.

One of my friends said they made discussions and comented on threads and he got the bag tag so i would just say stay active on the site.

Samuel C

Yeah, just like everyone else said, it magically showed up in the mail one day. It was a nice surprise and I sport that all the time. 

I'm sure they will need to keep track of who is new and then compile a list to send those tags out. 

I'm thinking of getting the team Titleist put on to my next staff bag I order. 


chris m

I'd love to have one! It would fit in nicely with my SCGA Walker Tag and Pace of Play Tag.


I received some correspondence about a month ago about Titleist sending me a bag tag. I remember filling the out

questionnaire but I haven't received that tag yet.  ?????????????

I'd love to get one, it will look great on the new 14 way divider carry bag I've ordered.


Logan P

A TT bag tag would complete my set.  Thanks in advance to the best equipment manufacturer around!


I signed up a couple weeks back but haven't received one yet. Can we just order one?

Mike P

Well, I guess consider this me being active haha

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi guys,

Happy to hear everyone is excited for the limited edition bag tags. You can click on the link beloe for a little more information on how to get your hands on one (while the limited supplies last).

Bag Tag

@Keith, sorry for any delay but we will get one out to you soon. We appreciate the patience.



Christopher K

Thanks Mike!  I just filled out the form.  Hopefully I'm lucky enough to receive one.

philip g

thanks Mike just filled it out

Olivia S

I really want one too, guess i'll just keep updating my posts until mine shows up!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Olivia S

I really want one too, guess i'll just keep updating my posts until mine shows up!

Hi Olivia,

Check out my reply a few posts above... There's a link with some more info on how to get your hands on a bag tag.



Leon R

I fiilled out a request on line four or five weeks ago but have not received one yet.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Leon R

I fiilled out a request on line four or five weeks ago but have not received one yet.

Hi Leon,

Thanks for the post and for the interest in the bag tag. We are working on fulfilling as many requests as possible and as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.




So I take it no tags for members outside the states then...

Nick A

Thanks Mike! Really excited about receiving mine. Day = made!

Ron M.

Cheers to you Mike and Titleist....This will make many TT members very happy....Customer happiness is priceless...

Olivia S

thanks, i registered, i hope the 'limited supply' is still availible!!

Eric B

Ditto for me too, hope their still available for me to have one.
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Declan R

I just tried to fill in the form but guess I WAS  tad late....looks like it's finished :(


Only by a year or so. Not that late...Lol.

dave i


wanted end to thank you and Team Titleist for the great bag tag.


Gabriel G

A bag tag sounds pretty neat.  I didn't know they existed.  I have never seen one.  I would love to have one and then I could answer questions how I became a member!  :)

Tyson F

I sure hope it's something Titleist does again, and soon.  Who wouldn't want one of these hanging off their golf bag.